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  1. stamp() should be avoided if possible, checkout this thread for for-each example: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/51345/
  2. noob- Using the Animation editor

    I'd have to agree that it's not the most intuitive to get into, coming from C4D/AE. The other day I was left scratching my head with some basic animation stuff, using motion trails especially. Do people use these successfully? I love the idea of adjusting animations in the viewport. This is a side rant but semi-related. I coudn't figure out why my curves wouldn't display as anything besides linear in the animation editor - turns out there is a hotkey (w) that changes the display of them from linear to curve. It's called 'Toggle Minimum Detail' in the Hotkey list and is enabled by default. As a newbie there is literally no way to realise that from the gui itself, had to ask on discord. Even if I thought to trawl through the animation pane specific hotkey list (which was support's response to my rfe, sadly enough), I wouldn't realise that is related to my curves from the name of the hotkey alone. Maybe a more obvious name for that one like 'Display Keyframes as Linear', or something? (and off by default for goodness sake). I just thought there was no way to adjust the curves in the animation editor I do hope Sidefx continues to invest in UX/UI because as a relatively new user I really appreciate the efforts that have come in useability with 16 and 16.5