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  1. Tool to run ordered file cache nodes

    thanks for the tips! Will have a closer look at both options. Cheers, Diogo
  2. Hello everyone, I have a setup where I need to cache different bgeos along the way. For this I set up various file cache nodes (collider volume -> flip sim -> flip vdbs -> whitewatersource -> whitewatersim). I'm wondering if there is any way to run this multiple file cache nodes in an orderly fashion? Cheers, Diogo
  3. Hello everyone, My Houdini crashes when I launch a Flipbook. No idea what is happening... I have a dual boot machine. On the other Disk I have windows, and Flipbook is fine there. My OS: Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS. My Houdini version: 17.5.295.
  4. Matrix Transformations

  5. Matrix Transformations

    Hello every one, I've been studying some linear algebra to better understand this amazing piece of software called Houdini. I came across some problems and after some RnD I've put together an example scene that I hope can be usefull for every one struggling with matrices and other related concepts. I feel the need to share this, because most of the tutorials I've seen on this subject end up using quaternions for the transformations, and I've put up a Matrix only approach. Do remember that the "correct" approach in this cases is the quaternion one. If any one is kind enough to convert this scene into a .hipnc and re-share it, I'd be grateful. At the moment I don't have time to do it myself. Cheers! Matrix_Transform.hip
  6. Gas Linear Combination

    Thank you =)
  7. Gas Linear Combination

    I created a gaslinearcombination node and set the Destination field as vel, and in the combine operation I set to multiply source1: friction and source2: vel. friction is a custom scalar field created by me, with a 3D noise. The gaslinearcombination doesn't work as expected. On the other hand, a simple gasfieldwrangle with the following vex code: " v@vel *= f@friction; " does the trick. Why isn't the gaslinearcombination working?
  8. FLIP unstable border particles

    Managed to solve PARTIALLY the problem by forcing oversampling at the boundaries in both the emitter and the reseeding... Some friction and stickyness also helped.
  9. FLIP unstable border particles

    Maybe a GIF is easier to see...
  10. FLIP unstable border particles

    I am trying to get a calm puddle, and I have managed to achieve that in most of the fluid. Still, I can't get rid of this moving particles at the boundaries.... I've tried deleting them, but new ones will start moving until they get there... puddle_02.mov
  11. Houdini Pyro OpenCL Error

    I tried already using the field match to make them have the same resolution and it didn't work... This problem only exists when I am using OpenCl... :s
  12. Houdini Pyro OpenCL Error

    Getting an error when trying to run a pyro sim with openCL: "gasturbulence1: Error: compute_turbulence_cl: Error: smokeobject1 - /obj/geo1/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/gasturbulence1/compute_turbulence_cl: Fields must be matching for OpenCL " Any ideas?
  13. Accessing the pressure scalar field in Pyro

    @merlino once again, thanks for the valuable info! I'll share a more advanced setup I managed to create by diving a bit deeper: In SOP level I assigned float values to points and created a vdb from points with said "mult" volume primitive. Then I used the sopscalarfield node to read those values and in the gasfieldwrangle I multiplied my "press" scalar field (created by copying the values of the pressure field) with the "mult" scalar field values. This way, I can use "press" field as a control field for any gas force such as disturbance... And the "mult" field serves as a mask for the "press" field. Watchout for the "Default Operation" default value, as it is "Set Initial" and, in case you have an animated volume you may want to swap to "Set Always". Otherwise it won't update the field.
  14. Accessing the pressure scalar field in Pyro

    @merlino worked like a charm! thanks alot
  15. I am trying to recreate this effect, and I can't find any info on how this techniques were implemented… Any help ? Thanks, Diogo