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  1. Vellum Shelf Tool

    When I create a shelf tool containing a vellum solver node, all the nodes within the solver disappear once I try to use the tool. The same does not happen when I create a tool that has a normal dopnetwork.
  2. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    @toadstorm I tried copying the pivot wrangle, and it works just fine. I'll be dissecting it to see what I can learn Cheers, Diogo
  3. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    Thanks, will have a look into it!
  4. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    I understood the first part of the explanation, but the example you presented left me scratching my head. I'm still walking on baby steps on all of this matrix transformation stuff, so I'm at fault here! Thanks alot, Diogo EDIT: There are still small translations after changing the pivot, so it is still not solved
  5. After packing geometry, if I use this VEX snippet to edit the pivots I get predictable results: vector pivotOffset = chv("manual_pivot_offset"); vector pivotCentroid = primintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum); vector newPivot = pivotCentroid + pivotOffset; setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum, newPivot); @P += pivotOffset; If I check "transform using point orientations" in the copy to points SOP and pack the copied geometry, the pivot will move according to the custom offset, but the object moves in a different direction. How can I solve this?
  6. Ok, will do it that way then. Though when I change the pivot with this method I get changes in the position of the prims even without changing the @P attr.
  7. @LucaScheller Is there any good method to change the pivot for the makexform?
  8. Thanks alot, this solved it! Cheers, Diogo
  9. After setting up the rotations for packed objects in point vops (after scattering), I just couldn't do the same for scaling and translating. I want to find a solution for cases where the scattering has already been done (or there are many instances of the same object). Can some one help me out? Bellow is the hip file. packed_objects_debug.hip
  10. Vellum constraint overlaping properties

    Ok, that clears it up for me! Thank you
  11. Vellum constraint overlaping properties

    Here it is. debug_vellum.hip
  12. While setting up vellum constraints, I used the preset: "configure balloon". It created both vellum constraints: cloth and pressure, with both nodes sharing the same "stretch" properties. After some testing, I realized that both "Stifness" and "Damping Ratio" could be set to 0 within the cloth constraint, as long as the pressure constraint had non-zero values on both parameters and things would be exactly the same. But on the other hand, if I tweaked the "Rest Length Scale" and "Compression Stiffness" parameters on the cloth constraint, this would have an impact. Why do some values on the cloth constraint are overriden by the pressure constraint (wich comes right after the cloth) and others aren't? Cheers, Diogo
  13. Constraints for Wire Solver Simulation

    Thats it! Is that an intrinsic attribute to the constraint_network?
  14. Hello fellow magicians, I was wondering if some one could check out my simple constraint setup and see why it is not working? I was adapting my setup based on a wire tutorial by Entagma, and I don't know why but I couldn't get my constraints working. Here is the .hip file. Cheers, Diogo wire_debug.hip
  15. How can I make local transforms in my primitives (either packed or unpacked) based on a custom pivot? Using MOPs or any other method. Thanks