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  1. Optmizing popwrangle

    It is faster indeed, no idea why... How can I use the grp variable I created to set the particle group in the way you showed?
  2. Hello Houdini Magicians, This little bit of code is, according to the performance monitor and some debugging, slowing down my simulation... alot. Specially with a high number of particles. The nPt comes from the nearpoint function. I analyzed the performance impact of the nearpoint function with many particles and it is not significant. Its the conditions and moving/removing particles from groups. What is the optimal way to do this?
  3. Quaternion rotations

    This has lots of info ! Your the best ! I will jump in right away ! Cheers
  4. Trying to find some info on applying quaternion rotations without using the copytopoints @orient point attribute. I build my quaternion, and then I'm stuck on doing two things: -Applying the rotation to an unpacked object and a packed object I've tried the rotate by quaternion VOP with unpacked geo and the makeinstancexform for packed geo and nothing seems to work this way... I've done some research but didn't find anything usefull (outside of copytopoints @orient). Can some one point me in the right direction?
  5. Karma for particle rendering ?

    That is nice, though I find it hard to get any decent volumetric look when rendering with pathtracing :\
  6. Karma for particle rendering ?

    @schwungsau try rendering 1 billion particles with pathtracing
  7. How can I render my particles with the isotropic volume lighting model and get self shadows? Its like there is no occlusion and I can see my particle field from one way to the other side, and I can't distinguish wich are in front and wich are in the back... Cheers, Diogo
  8. Are there any good resources on rendering particles with Karma? And does it support micropolygon rendering? Thanks
  9. Hello fellow magicians, I'm trying to better understand gasequalizevolume DOP inside FLIP Fluids and so far I haven't found anything usefull outside of the Houdini documentation and example files. So I tried to create a simple example file to test it out. So far, I can't seem to create one of the necessary fields for gasequalizevolume to properly work, the goal field. I used a gasmatchfield DOP and imported a pre-created fog vdb with the name goal, and nothing happened. To debug I setup a multifieldvisualization DOP and set the density field to goal, but it doesn't display anything... If some one could have a look at the file and point what I'm doing wrong... Also, if you any information or tutorials on this subject I'd be very gratefull! Thank you Gas_Equalize_Volume_RnD.hip EDIT: The Gasequalizevolume was wired in the wrong input. It needs to be wired into the volume velocity. Still can't get the gasmatchfield to work though...
  10. Vellum Shelf Tool

    When I create a shelf tool containing a vellum solver node, all the nodes within the solver disappear once I try to use the tool. The same does not happen when I create a tool that has a normal dopnetwork.
  11. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    @toadstorm I tried copying the pivot wrangle, and it works just fine. I'll be dissecting it to see what I can learn Cheers, Diogo
  12. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    Thanks, will have a look into it!
  13. Custom pivot after packing geometry

    I understood the first part of the explanation, but the example you presented left me scratching my head. I'm still walking on baby steps on all of this matrix transformation stuff, so I'm at fault here! Thanks alot, Diogo EDIT: There are still small translations after changing the pivot, so it is still not solved
  14. After packing geometry, if I use this VEX snippet to edit the pivots I get predictable results: vector pivotOffset = chv("manual_pivot_offset"); vector pivotCentroid = primintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum); vector newPivot = pivotCentroid + pivotOffset; setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum, newPivot); @P += pivotOffset; If I check "transform using point orientations" in the copy to points SOP and pack the copied geometry, the pivot will move according to the custom offset, but the object moves in a different direction. How can I solve this?
  15. Ok, will do it that way then. Though when I change the pivot with this method I get changes in the position of the prims even without changing the @P attr.