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  1. I made a setup where I'm wedging a flip simulation and generating one flipbook per simulation. In the end I combine them using imagemagick. I'd like to know if it is possible to wait for each wedge to end generating the flipbook in order to start the next simulation and only when it is all done generate the mosaic with imagemagick? As it is now, TOPs calculate 4 simulations simultaneosly then creates 4 flipbooks also simultaneosly and only in the end it joins all the flipbooks together. My problem with this method is that sometimes I run out of memory...
  2. Smoke leaking from balloons

    No problem, glad I was able to help
  3. Smoke leaking from balloons

    I have attached some changes to your setup that were causing the problems in your smoke sim. You now have to art direct your smoke to escape from the holes created by the vellum sim. test_debug.hip
  4. Smoke leaking from balloons

    And where exactly are you having trouble? Could you show a wip? Maybe I can help, but I need something to work with....
  5. Smoke not visable

    I made a quick debug of your scene and found out what was your problem: The density values you were rasterizing were too low. Usually Houdini doesn't display values smaller then 0.1 in the viewport. For that you would need some trickery with the volumevisualization node. In the future, when you are debugging you can always drop down a vdbvisualizetree node as in the attachements bellow.
  6. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    Try the settings in the captures attached
  7. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    After a quick look at your hip file I've attached a screen capture of the motive why your horizon doesn't have any waves. You only scattered points halfway through your extension...
  8. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    The scattered points are covering the whole extension? That may be the cause of the lack of waves on the horizon...
  9. Smoke leaking from balloons

    In your case I would try to do two separate simulations. First the vellum of the balloon breaking and then the pyro sim. What exactly do you mean by "the static object doesn't work properly"? Could you post a flipbook or something similar so we can see what is going on?
  10. Ocean Foam flickering

    My ocean foam particles are not flickering, but for some odd reason when I render the foam shader flickers as can be seen in the attached video. Does any one know what's going on here? tmp.mov
  11. Ocean FX - White horizon/No waves at the horizon line...

    How did you make your spectrum? Did you scatter points? If you could post your .hip file I could have a look...
  12. Hello fellow magicians, I've struggled alot with RBDs in the past. Along the way, while doing various projects I spent countless hours researching and debugging and I realised that most of the information is scattered all around... and this is not ideal. So I thought it would be a good thing to have a "main" post where more experienced artists and TDs could share a bit of their experience and .hip files with the rest of the community. There are many instances where this happens here on odforce, for example the thread on small scale flip fluids or the thread on getting rid of mushrooms in pyro. Since I'm starting this, It's only fair that I share a little .hip file myself. With this exercise I'm creating the tipical situation where the Bullet Solver can't stop the wood shapes from jittering and spinning and the simulation doesn't come to a rest. So I added popwrangles and a popspeedlimit to solve the problem. I'm aware that there might be more optimized ways of doing this, maybe with a POP awaken node? Nonetheless, this is my approach to solving the issue. As a bonus trick, I added a way to awaken the inactive pieces only near the desired collider. Here is a very good article on tips and tricks for bullet simulations in case you wanna have a look: https://80.lv/articles/destruction-simulation-tips-and-tricks/ Cheers, Diogo Ferreira rbds_stop_jitter.hipnc
  13. I am trying to do some point replication in mantra at render time with replicate point procedural shader but when I apply the procedural shader to the SOP geo that I want to render I get the error in the attached log and the render comes out completly empty. error_log.txt
  14. TOPs and Deadline

    Has any one been able to get TOPs and deadline working together? I've tried to send a couple of jobs with deadline scheduler but I was not getting any output... Deadline was also not returning any errors.