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  1. I am trying to do some point replication in mantra at render time with replicate point procedural shader but when I apply the procedural shader to the SOP geo that I want to render I get the error in the attached log and the render comes out completly empty. error_log.txt
  2. TOPs and Deadline

    Has any one been able to get TOPs and deadline working together? I've tried to send a couple of jobs with deadline scheduler but I was not getting any output... Deadline was also not returning any errors.
  3. I'm having an hard time telling my ROP Geometry Output to cache simulations one frame at a time. I did as the documentation says: check the "All Frames in One Batch" parameter, but once the first work (first frame) ends, the next ones take like 1 sec each and the output has 1KB.... I've switched to a ROP Fetch TOP pointing to a file cache SOP and set the "Evaluate Using ROP Node Configuration" parameter and it works fine (displays only one work and caches all frames sequentially). Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Does any one know how can I set my Houdinis Python (located on the Houdini install directory) as the default python version used in this machine? At the moment I only have python27 installed (the one that comes with H.18.5.408) and I'd like windows to recognize this. I tried to change the environment variables, and even set a path... As it stands, if I open cmd prompt and write 'python' or 'python --version' its as if I didn't have it installed.
  5. Stop executing code with warning: python inside Houdini

    @Stalkerx777 You'r right, I was missing the exit() function in my code... completly forgot
  6. Node presets environment variable

    It works! Now I have my path set to HOUDINI_PATH = "D:/stuff";$HOUDINI_PATH;& and it recognizes the structure there.
  7. Does any one know what to set on my HOUDINI_PATH environment variable so that I can change the presets folder location? Lets say I have my presets folder in D:/stuff/presets, what would be the correct path? I've tried adding HOUDINI_PATH = "D:/stuff/presets";$HOUDINI_PATH;& in the houdini.env file, but it is ignored. I've seen a few topics about this subject but nothing conclusive yet...
  8. I'm using an if condition in my script to validate the existance of a directory. In case it doesn't exist, I want Houdini to stop execuing the code and raise a warning. So far I have: if (condition == False): raise hou.NodeError("No Source Folder Found.") exit() But it seems like houdini is ignoring the raise warning function... EDIT: Looks like the correct function for this is hou.ui.displayMessage("No Source Folder Found."), but it still runs the rest of the code which is not what I want...
  9. In a pipeline that requires you to do VFX work in Houdini and then render said VFX in 3ds max, there are many formats that are viable (I mostly use alembic). But I was not lucky finding a straightforward method/format to export particle systems that were created in Houdini to be later replaced by geometry in 3ds max for rendering. After some tests, we managed to do it using an HDA called PRTRop which exports particles in .prt file format. The particles were then imported into 3ds max using TyFlow, that reads a couple attributes such as width (pscale), id - this one is necessary for tyflow to import the particles, velocity, etc... Then we hit another roadblock: what if I want to export particles with orientation information for my geometry instancing? It turns out that, after some more testing, we discovered Tyflow uses an attribute called Orientation (case sensitive) which is a quaternion just like Houdinis orient attribute, and it has to be exported as a float16. So in case some of you were wondering how to do this, I'm sharing the workflow used here. If some of you know a better way feel free to share it... it might save some lives! Cheers, Mozzo
  10. Lets say you use c4d and you instance an object into different particles (with random rotations for example). If then you export that instanced geometry as an alembic and import it in 3ds max you get geometry with world transformation information (each geometry instanced has its own rotate/scale/translate info). Is it possible to do the same in Houdini?
  11. Divergence field in FLIP fluids

    Hi, I'm trying to understand how the divergence field works in Houdini, and how it interacts with FLIP fluid particles. Positive divergence should cause the fluid to expand but there seems to be a difference between having positive values in the divergence field and having positive values of divergence in the particles attribute: -If I have positive values of divergence in the particles attribute, the field copies this values (or does some other math operation) and the fluid expands. -If I have positive values of divergence in the field, the particles don't inherit any divergence and the fluid stays the same. -If I disable the option "Divergence by attribute" and have positive values of divergence in the field, the fluid also stays the same. Another thing I can't understand: If I want to fill a volume of 1m^3 using the gasequalizevolume micro-solver with the paramater "Scale Goal Volume" set to 0 then, according to Houdini's Documentation I have to change the parameter "Add Goal Volume" and set it to 1. I tried this and the FLIP solver simply copied the value 1 to the divergence field which doesn't result in any change on the fluid surface. Could some one shed some light on this behaviour, and what is the correct approach to fill specific volumes knowing the total volume value? EDIT: The divergence field is actually working as intended, I was modfying it in the sourcing input rather than in the velocity volume input...
  12. Whitewater repellants position

    I'm doing a whitewater sim, but the repellants are floating on the bounding box of my surface SDF... Has anyone experienced this?
  13. POP wrangle number of inputs

    @ikoon Either way, this works for me !
  14. POP wrangle number of inputs

    @ikoon thanks, didn't know you could do that
  15. POP wrangle number of inputs

    Is there any way to add more input slots in a POP Wrangle node? By default it has 4.