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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to add vellum geometry and constraints dynamically inside a dopnet using sopsolvers. I'm getting an error, but I don't really know why... If someone could have a look into it! Cheers vellum_create_geo_and_cnstrs_during_sim_b.hip
  2. collisionvel should be sourced in the Advection (2ndinput) or forces (4th input) of the pyrosolver_sparse node.
  3. In the attached scene I'm emiting vellum softbodies and I'm trying to create some stitch constraints dynamically (based on a distance threshold). For some mysterious reason it is not working and I can't really figure out why... vellum_emit_softbodies.hipnc
  4. I'm getting significantly different behaviours between my transition testsim at SOP level and a custom crowd sim in DOPs. The triggers for the transitions between most of the different states in DOPs are set to run the loop only once (with the exception of running and walking). On both cases foot locking is turned on and in DOPs terrain projection is turned on. What I was expecting in DOPs was a result similar to the testsim in SOP level (testsim_transition.mp4). No idea what is causing this difference. testsim_transition.mp4 dopnet_transition.mp4
  5. I made a setup where I'm wedging a flip simulation and generating one flipbook per simulation. In the end I combine them using imagemagick. I'd like to know if it is possible to wait for each wedge to end generating the flipbook in order to start the next simulation and only when it is all done generate the mosaic with imagemagick? As it is now, TOPs calculate 4 simulations simultaneosly then creates 4 flipbooks also simultaneosly and only in the end it joins all the flipbooks together. My problem with this method is that sometimes I run out of memory...
  6. No problem, glad I was able to help
  7. I have attached some changes to your setup that were causing the problems in your smoke sim. You now have to art direct your smoke to escape from the holes created by the vellum sim. test_debug.hip
  8. And where exactly are you having trouble? Could you show a wip? Maybe I can help, but I need something to work with....
  9. I made a quick debug of your scene and found out what was your problem: The density values you were rasterizing were too low. Usually Houdini doesn't display values smaller then 0.1 in the viewport. For that you would need some trickery with the volumevisualization node. In the future, when you are debugging you can always drop down a vdbvisualizetree node as in the attachements bellow.
  10. After a quick look at your hip file I've attached a screen capture of the motive why your horizon doesn't have any waves. You only scattered points halfway through your extension...
  11. The scattered points are covering the whole extension? That may be the cause of the lack of waves on the horizon...
  12. In your case I would try to do two separate simulations. First the vellum of the balloon breaking and then the pyro sim. What exactly do you mean by "the static object doesn't work properly"? Could you post a flipbook or something similar so we can see what is going on?
  13. My ocean foam particles are not flickering, but for some odd reason when I render the foam shader flickers as can be seen in the attached video. Does any one know what's going on here? tmp.mov
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