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  1. Hi! I'm trying to project a spherical map, an HDRI, onto geometry like so: Can't for the life of me figure out how... I'm using H17.5 and Redshift Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreicated. Kind regards!
  2. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Of course! Thank you Joe, that worked.
  3. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Absolutely, but the issue is when connecting things into the shader in the MAT context (Texture node connected into a principled shader), there is no further level "upwards" so I can't access promoted parameters. And as a result I have to dive into the shader which is less than ideal.
  4. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Backticks produced the same results. But my work-around, by courtesy of my colleague, is to promote the texture path of a surface colour node plugged into the principled shader core. It works but it sure isn't pretty, especially since I can't rename surface colour parameters. So the principled shader now has "texture", "texture" and "texture" promoted. Will keep working and see if I can find a prettier way of doing this. Thanks for your replies! Edit: clarification: I can rename the promoted attribute but it's a bit tedious when working with many textures.
  5. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Thanks for your reply, adding padding to the texture path produces the same error but with padding ("unable to load texture path/texture_0001.png"). So I think the issue is that the texture node doesn't know what frame Houdini is on but rather defaults to frame 1.
  6. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Attached a hip file and two textures (frame 1001 and frame 1002). textureframe.zip
  7. Animated texture sequence turns pink

    Thank you for your reply. Terminal gives me the following error: I am on frame 1002 and there is a texture called texture_1002.png. So it would seem the texture VOP can't understand frame numbers(?) I can make a scene to showcase my issue. Give me a minute.
  8. Hi! So I've plugged in an animated texture sequence ("TextureName_$F.png) into the principled shader and it works fine, looks like it should etc. But when plugging in a texture node into base colour and writing the same texture path, the texture turns pink in the render view. When omitting the $F and typing out the frame number manually it shows up but as soon as I type $F it turns pink. Does anyone have a clue? Google didn't give me much help today. Thanks!
  9. Floating windows on Linux

    Thank you Csmnt! This worked beautifully. I guess I should go through the preferences a bit more carefully..
  10. Hi! We're using Linux at work and when using floating windows they aren't "attached". I have my scene/context view on one monitor and the network view on my second monitor. When I use programs like Nuke with a similar setup they still act like the same program, so if I alt tab to nuke both windows show up. When I alt tab to Houdini I have to alt tab to both the network view floating window and the general Houdini window. This becomes very frustrating when having multiple Houdini instances open as it's very easy to lose track of which floating window is attached to which Houdini instance. Any tips on this? I suppose I could create a desktop which spans over two monitors but that makes the time line and a few other things a bit hard to use. Thanks in advance.