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  1. Yes, vellum grains seems to be the best approach. thanks!
  2. Would vellum be the best way to approach a ball of jelly smashing through another, larger ball of jelly, and coming out the other side? With some pieces of each jelly ball stretching for a bit where connected as the smaller balls exits and flies away. or flip sim? Thanks.
  3. Hello all, I'm trying to use Vellum for my bottle sim. A simple bottle of water, tilting. Very simple. I may tilt it 45 degrees or so. But the top level of the water needs to behave realistically. The issue now is that the top of the water doesn't stay flat, or angled in accordance with the bottle tilting. It forms more of a bulge. Any ways of making this work better would be great. Thanks! T Bottle_Vellum_Odforce.hiplc
  4. Ha, yes! Thanks. I was just looking at that. Seems a bit more efficient that my current system. Appreciated. T
  5. Hello all, Does anyone know a way to fill a bottle with water, other than flip? Basically I’m looking to create an efficient system that will allow me to tilt the bottle, multiple angles, and quickly be able to adjust the surface of the water angle. I already have the bottle, and separate geo of the liquid inside. I’m aware this can be done in flip, but this would require me to re-sim whenever we move or rotate the bottle. Thanks!
  6. As always, Librarian with the idea. Thanks! Appreciate it.
  7. Actually animating hand writing on a piece of paper. Animated strokes. Just the type. Not the pen, hand, etc… Animated writing.
  8. Has anyone ever come across a way in Houdini to animate hand writing? Obviously it’s easy to do in After Effects. I’m trying to figure out how to approach this in Houdini. Thought? Thanks!
  9. Good morning, I'm trying to find a way to create a mask, or black and white matte, of my subdivided, transformed geo. (see attached.) As the falloff is animated, I need to be able to create a matte so anything transformed and subdivided is white, and the unchanged grid is black. Thank you for any ideas! T
  10. Hey, actually like this. But starting from a central circle shape. Thanks for any insight.
  11. Hi all, I've had results making curl noise particles, I am now trying to "lock" the curl noise ONLY on the X and Y plane. So the particles, trails, are only flowing on a plane. Starting in the center, or emitting from a circle curve. That's the critical part. I see how flow lines are created, but I need the particles to do the work. *Ultimately I need to create really round particle swirls. Any ideas? Thanks! T
  12. Matt, my next question would be how to have the trails in the center dissipate? So they animate out, as we have them now, but those trails in the center disappear after a second as the trails move outward. Thanks again. T
  13. Matt, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Amazing. Thank you so much. I was scanning through CGWiki, also some some great ideas for other things. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Cheers Terence
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