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  1. Creating mask, matte, from animated geo?

    Thanks guys, I'll take a look. Cheers.
  2. Good morning, I'm trying to find a way to create a mask, or black and white matte, of my subdivided, transformed geo. (see attached.) As the falloff is animated, I need to be able to create a matte so anything transformed and subdivided is white, and the unchanged grid is black. Thank you for any ideas! T
  3. POP Curl noise only on X and Y plane?

  4. POP Curl noise only on X and Y plane?

    Hey, actually like this. But starting from a central circle shape. Thanks for any insight.
  5. POP Curl noise only on X and Y plane?

    Hi all, I've had results making curl noise particles, I am now trying to "lock" the curl noise ONLY on the X and Y plane. So the particles, trails, are only flowing on a plane. Starting in the center, or emitting from a circle curve. That's the critical part. I see how flow lines are created, but I need the particles to do the work. *Ultimately I need to create really round particle swirls. Any ideas? Thanks! T
  6. Flow lines animated by particles?

    Matt, my next question would be how to have the trails in the center dissipate? So they animate out, as we have them now, but those trails in the center disappear after a second as the trails move outward. Thanks again. T
  7. Flow lines animated by particles?

    Matt, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Amazing. Thank you so much. I was scanning through CGWiki, also some some great ideas for other things. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. Cheers Terence
  8. Flow lines animated by particles?

    Hello all, I have a flow field of lines, now I want to create that same shape with particles. So each line, the curls, would be drown by one particle each. Starting at the center would be ideal. Any magicians out there have an idea how to achieve this? I've been playing with Pop Curve, but that's not working. Thanks! T
  9. Pop color node>>>> Cd attribute?

    Hello all, I am using a pop color node to color my particles within the DOP net. How would I promote this to a Cd attribute, so I can have Arnold read it for the particle color? I don't see any way of doing this from within the DOP. Please see attached. Thanks! T
  10. Adobe Illustrator file to Geometry

    In Illustrator make sure the text is only outlines. No shapes used to create a hole in the letter P. Then select all outlines. Group them. Save as Illustrator 8. For some reason Houdini likes this best. Add normals, and the Hole node will work. Just did a whole bunch of titles this way. T
  11. Ivy embrace / asphyxiate object?

    Maybe this type of approach? https://chishbak.gumroad.com/l/FreiOtto
  12. Particles swirl, then reform image

    Hello all, I have created a particle grain simulation where I use an attribute from map to create the look of my swirling particles. Basically using a photo for the look, and forces to drive the particles advection. It looks great. —— What I am trying to do now is “reverse” the simulation so they all reform the original flat image. Doing it all in one shot. So it starts off with the flat image, then the particles swirl, then they swirl back to form the original image. Make sense? I’m trying to do this effect in Houdini as opposed to looping the animation. Thanks for any ideas. T
  13. Hello all, I've been trying to figure out how to create a simulation where a vellum softbody animated sphere comes in contact with particles, or VDB from particles, and dissolves away when touched by the sphere. I think it may be some kind of attribute transfer but no sure. ? Anyone find a way to do something like this? Thanks! T
  14. Copy transform ramp color?

    This is great. How would I then apply a different material to each copy? I would then run the copies through a vellum solver, so doesn't this complicate things? Thx!
  15. Copy transform ramp color?

    Thanks Librarian, Tesan. Terence