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  1. Mantra Renderer Problem

    I've found the reason, a bad alembic cache. /end
  2. Mantra Renderer Problem

    I'm trying to render out a sequence using Mantra's 'Render to Disk in Background'. When I try to render the entire sequence it will complete the job in 5 seconds without outputting any images. But when I try to render the current frame it will complete the job in 12 minutes and outputs the correct image. I don't understand why this is happening and would like to get some advice. Thanks!
  3. I'm having some trouble understanding how to set up activation frame on the convex proxy shelf tool. I tried placing it beneath assemble it generates and made sure it is passed through to the dop. But it only results in frozen sims however I tried to do it. Can someone shed some light on this please? Thanks!
  4. The Twist and Bend deformers in Houdini 17.5.173 seems to be exactly the same? Is it true for your as well or is something wrong with my Houdini? Or are there some subtle differences I'm not aware of?
  5. Support has gotten back to me. Turns out my render licenses got mysteriously taken away. They sent over an updated license file and all was good! For future reference if anyone encounters this issue.
  6. Upon further investigating, this came up. Hmmm, will Email support with this issue.
  7. Got home tonight excited to work on some Houdini stuff, did a few tests and hit [Render] in render view tab. Render never started with a blue progress bar up top and a message saying: Generating Scene ..... Restarted computer and started a fresh Houdini Scene, dropped in a Test Pig Head and hit render again. Same thing! What's going on?! PS. Indie License if that helps! Please assist!
  8. PackedObject scaling with time in DOP

    How would one scale down a piece of packed object in DOPs as time progresses? Thanks Paste
  9. Hello! How would one randomize these values in a point wrangle, but in a way that actually works? vx = random vy = random vz = random wz = random wy = random wz = random v@v = {vx, vy, vz} v@w = {wv,wy,wz} Thanks!
  10. Finding activation frame

    Where do you create this counter? I created it in a point wrangle just before going into DOP Net, and the counter is staying at one. It is not ticking upwards. if(i@active == 1) i@countner += 1; But I managed to get it count correct with this: if(i@active == 1) i@countner += 1+@Frame-24;
  11. Finding activation frame

    But wouldn't that apply the same force throughout the sim? Since my object is constantly active after the initial hit? Wouldn't it just fly off into foreverness?
  12. I'm using point wrangle to activate my packed geometry across 50 frames. I want to apply an initial velocity (only on the activation frame) and angular velocity to each piece as they become active, one way I can think of is to wrangle something like this: if(@Frame == @activationFrame) { v@v = { x, x, x }; v@w = { x, x, x }; } But I can't figure out how to get the frame of activation to do this. Need some assistance on learning how to do this! Thank you! T
  13. [New User] Wood Splinter Problem

    Hey! That's pretty awesome! I've never used Hard constraints before, how do I modify it's strength? Super thanks!
  14. [New User] Wood Splinter Problem

    Hello, I'm new to Houdini and 3D in general. I'm trying to make some demo reel pieces and I've decided my first project would be to split some wood! I used Boolean fracturing technique to cut a box into splinters, and then assembled them into Packed Geometry. Then I did dual constraint set-up taught by Steven Knipping, where I have an inside glue (STRONG) and an outside glue (WEAK). I then brought everything into the DOP network to simulate. But as you can see from the video I've attached things are not going well. The initial hit is doing alright, but once the big piece lands on the ground (when it should be resting), it bursts on its own without further influence. I'm guessing the forces there are exceeding the inside glue and causing the pieces to propel outwards pushing others with them. Anyways, really would love some feedback on this first test and perhaps some solutions on how to fix the issue I'm encountering. I've attached the HIP file as well, if you can also point out the things I am doing wrong and how to improve the setup, that'd be greatly appreciated! Toothpaste, Brush everyday. plank.hipnc - 362.7KB woodSplinter.mov - 1.8MB