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  1. Hi y'all, I wanted some advice on vellum balloons being attached to a string then popping (see reference below). So I can do the whole pressure thing and attach it to a string etc, but I wondered how to make the balloons automatically float upwards without just reversing the gravity. I don't want to just use a force to push them upwards, as it would look odd when they pop and don't fall to the floor. Any advice or example files would really be appreciated! Thanks, James
  2. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    Thank Pangzi, appreciate the input. Got another question (yes I'm newish to Houdini) I need a solution to push intersecting wires away from each other. I have both the curves and polywire setup, I thought of a solution in VOPs but it didn't quite work. See below, cheers guys
  3. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    Brilliant, just what I was looking for! Cheers! Just a quick question, in my carve SOP, I have the expression: @Time/7 - detail(-1, "iteration", 0)/18.5 This generates a nice growth but I want it to have bezier like smooth interpolation between the start and end points, how would I add this to the expression?
  4. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    Thanks for this! It doesn't quite do what I want though as they all start at the same time, I want them to start at different times Cheers
  5. Offset Carve SOP Growth

    So I have a few curves (in attached GIF) and they all start at the same time and grow using the carve SOP. I'd like them all to start at different times but from their original positions, (no randomness) just a simple offset. I don't want to do it for each curve manually, is there an expression I can use?
  6. Hi, I'm looking to procedurally grow a wire sculpture similar to the one in the photo I can do vein growth and space colonization fairly well, but I'm not sure how to create this wrapping around style Any ideas? Cheers
  7. Wire Character Procedural Growth

    Thanks for the tips! I'm think I'm going to build the base structure using space colonisation, then add a second sim that wraps around it horizontally going upwards in a spiral like way to tie it all together What would work best for the spiral wrap around? VEX? Particles?
  8. Wire Character Procedural Growth

    Hi, I'm just starting a new project and I'm looking to create a wire character very similar to the one in shown in this post I want it to procedurally grow from the ground upwards in an organic way and start to build the character from wires, wrapping upwards and around I want the effects to be similar to vine and cell growth etc I have seen the Entagma tutorial on shortest path growth, however I'd like something more sophisticated for this one I've got some ideas and I'm doing more research, but any ideas here folks? Cheers! Jim
  9. Hi, I'm trying to achieve a particular effect which I though would be relatively simple (see attached image.) I have a shot I'm working on where I have a mechanical heart and I want a bullet to go straight through it without losing impact, shattering the heart as it goes. I have pre-fractured the heart geometry with voronoi and used glue to anchor it in place. I then did a simple RBD sim as you normally would when fracturing objects. However, when I used a sphere as a placeholder bullet with initial velocity, it just bounces off the heart. Even when I increase the mass of the 'bullet' it still bounces off. My question is, how would you approach this? I'm completely lost. Cheers!