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  1. Hello, Could anyone make a quick example how would you scale the down the UVs to a pixel point by each of the islands pivot points? Specifically, I'm trying to do this for the voronoi fracture pieces, so each of the pieces UVs get scaled down to a pixel Thanks in advance!
  2. FLIP fluid particles growth?

    I found another cool example, that is pretty much what im looking for : On 47s https://vimeo.com/99100961
  3. FLIP fluid particles growth?

    Something kinda like this: https://vimeo.com/93965461 Also, i dont know how to use that ID attribute. Guess it's more complicated than it seemed to me at first
  4. FLIP fluid particles growth?

    Hey Thanks for the reply, i will get into it. But I wanted the water to splash out, and the simulation to run normally, and suddenly to freeze it, from the center and outwards, for example. So I think there should be some ID to the points. This way is just a bunch of points that are standing still I did manage to make it work but not in this way. I meshed the fluid, then converted it to a VDB Volume, and used a animated box and converted it also to VDB. Using a Solver node and Combining VDBs managed to stack them together and then mesh that out. It works, but its not natural looking, there is no falloff in the combining volumes, so i wanted to try it with a growth methode.
  5. FLIP fluid particles growth?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I guess the id attribute gives me the actual point number of the particles. But still couldn't work around how to select them in a growth like manner. Could you post like a simple example?
  6. Hi all, I'm a beginner with Houdini. I'm trying to make a test combining the two systems i saw on Vimeo. It's a RBD to FLIP conversion by Johhny Farmfield and i found a example of a PyroFx converting to VDB, representing a frozen smoke. I'm trying to make the FLIP fluid freeze after some time by selecting the points from the fluid in a growth manner, and mesh those points in a still frame, like in this video: Is it actually possible to select points in this way, are FLIP fluid particles selectable like ordinary points? Thank you all in advance for the help!