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  1. never mind. the OP said they were modeled. I would delete my original post but do not see a way
  2. this is from a WIP forum at SideFX. I cropped it down. but how would one go about creating a texture map for this, especially the "lit" windows. I have googled spaceship texture tutorial but nothing really came up I have always sucked at texturing
  3. thank you ryew, I appreciate your input on this. No I have not tried nor did I know I could, clearing RAM via cachemanager. I will give that a go and I do use filecache to save to disk.
  4. would restarting Houdini clear RAM to help with particle creation or should I reboot PC? I have 32G RAM
  5. Modeler 2020

    hello, I too am having this issue now. I have latest daily build for win 10, 18.0.484. the radial menu does not show nor does pressing spacebar bring up menu
  6. The little things about houdini

    I've been using Houdini for about 2 years now (came from C4D also) and the one thing which drives me nuts is how sometimes things do not happen as expected. like I create a node and then click enter and I have no handles in view port, try again nothing, select move - enter no handles, rotate - enter no handles, scale - enter no handles, back to show handles - enter for third time then they pop up. ARG
  7. the hobo

    at first I thought you had modeled that crate and was going to say what amazing materials and render . . photo real then realized it is a real photo. LOL that is a terrific build an brilliant idea, any time you can save money is well done.
  8. Extra edges after fuse issue

    I cleared your rotates on 3rd box and those lines went away. if you need that rotate, then this will give you some direction to go. now as to why, not sure.
  9. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    H19 wish list? I just wish 18.5 would come out. I would love to see a projection/camera mapping/camera calibration like C4D, where you take a photo and turn it into a 3D world without all the guess work and moving objects around
  10. I found a bug, using 18.0.432, when you use PointWeld and hit "Q" key you get attached popup. you cannot clear it out and only way to shut Houdini down is through task manager. I filed a bug report and they were able to reproduce it. so if you are going to use PointWeld multiple times, restart node for each PointWeld and do not use Q key.
  11. yes, there is a commercial for Bush's Baked Beans which has a golden retriever which talks. only his mouth is CG and the way it is blended in looks amazing, so very real it is hard to tell from actual dogs mouth.
  12. perhaps period pieces like Poldark "might" need some green screen castles or such in background
  13. Modeler 2020

    will there be tutorials for this new version or at least product demo?
  14. Modeler 1.0

    removing $houdini_path took care of it, it is working fine now. thank you very much.
  15. Modeler 1.0

    here is my Houdini file structure