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  1. bbox

    I believe it is you have ../../ try with just one like this ../bound
  2. Sanity's Prison - Animated short film

    nicely done. I like the pace and the reverse flow of character breaking through
  3. Procedural Holes - Video Tutorial

    WOW, elegant solution. thank you for posting and for the HIP file.
  4. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    my H19 wish list. I just wish for it to be released
  5. What's the problem with n-gons?

    nothing on flat geometry. but with curved surfaces it can show up with ugly ridges plus your UVs could look aweful
  6. Modeler 2021 Released!

    are y'all using H18.5 PY3? Modeler 2021 requires Python 3 version of Houdini, otherwise it doesn't work
  7. Modeler 2021 Released!

    thank you for quick response. I installed those two folders: MODELER & PACKAGES into H18.5 preferences (which I created) but Modeler 2021 does not show up on list of shelves. attached is my C:\user\doc\H18.5 folder
  8. Modeler 2021 Released!

    installation says to install Modeler2021 into Houdini 18.5 "preferences" folder. is this Houdini 18.5 program folder or one on C:\user\documents . . . I do not have a Preferences on either program nor on user\documents folder so I take it I have to create it? I have modeler installed on E:\modeler 20
  9. Simple Way to Disconnect Edge?

    you could use polybevel, select the two edges, slide to distance you need, fillet set to NONE, then you'll have to select resulting points which moved and bevel them back to level to edges.
  10. how to add points to a curve?

    have you tried SHIFT + LMB at location you want point?
  11. never mind. the OP said they were modeled. I would delete my original post but do not see a way
  12. this is from a WIP forum at SideFX. I cropped it down. but how would one go about creating a texture map for this, especially the "lit" windows. I have googled spaceship texture tutorial but nothing really came up I have always sucked at texturing
  13. thank you ryew, I appreciate your input on this. No I have not tried nor did I know I could, clearing RAM via cachemanager. I will give that a go and I do use filecache to save to disk.
  14. would restarting Houdini clear RAM to help with particle creation or should I reboot PC? I have 32G RAM
  15. Modeler 2020

    hello, I too am having this issue now. I have latest daily build for win 10, 18.0.484. the radial menu does not show nor does pressing spacebar bring up menu