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  1. Modeler 1.0

    removing $houdini_path took care of it, it is working fine now. thank you very much.
  2. Modeler 1.0

    here is my Houdini file structure
  3. Modeler 1.0

    I followed your install instruction (thanks for typing them out) but I get error on Houdini startup. I have attached screen shots of the error and my Houdini.env file. I get the error if I have quotes or not around each statement
  4. our water pressure is 90 psi
  5. the CDC and NIH say to use alcohol as a disinfectant against COVID-19. So I stopped at liquor store and picked up a bottle of scotch and just to make sure a bottle of jack daniels whiskey
  6. Erode / Rock tool I'm building

    WOW, those are really nice and nicely detailed
  7. Erode / Rock tool I'm building

    this looks really good, I like the sharp edges.
  8. License Error

    best thing is to contact SideFX support, they are very helpful
  9. Replicating Coins

    yep, that looks like my swear jar.
  10. Paperbag Strikes Back

    @noobini, forgive me. I'm 63 and never evolved beyond my nerd stage and I forget how to behave when interacting with normal people.
  11. Paperbag Strikes Back

    exactly, from Big Bang Theory.
  12. Paperbag Strikes Back

    will lizard and Spock be later?
  13. Modeler 1.0

    terrific update. is this upgrade free for those of us who purchased 1.5, upgraded to 2?
  14. Toms "Learning Houdini" Gallery

    really amazing Houdini and Blender work. there is a thread on a Cinema4D forum about blender 2.81, there have been a number of defections from C4D by long time users. some like myself left for Houdini others to Blender. there are a number of reasons for the defections. those who left for Blender are loving it, some are finishing off their paid C4D work and learning blender to switch over.
  15. my H18 started crashing on exit. it works fine while modeling but when I exit H18, it crashes. this happens only when I have view pane on second monitor OR if I tear off view pane leaving it on primary monitor it crashes. I have AMD radeon RX580. this setup worked fine with H17.5 and using second monitor. I have been working with support, they have had me try several things, including installing it on C:\ drive (had it on second drive) - still crashed, made second monitor primary - still crashed, nothing has worked as of yet.