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  1. Direct Modeling HDA

    thank you Alexey. I was confused at first. Any chance of tutorials on this? I am still somewhat new to Houdini.
  2. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hey Alexey, so your FREE DM 1.5.XX download is actually DM 2.0 for current users of DM 1.0?
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    I seem to remember same thing. there is a discount.
  4. Problem with edges too hard

    you could try a polybevel, group type edges with shape round, adjust offset to level you want and divisions to obtain detail you need/want.
  5. Houdini 4D

    also they haven't touched UV's in a very long time and not to mention the yearly MSA, now $750 for studio, $265 for Prime and heavy penalty you pay if you miss one year of paying MSA. those are what did me in for C4D. I don't mean for this to turn into C4D bashing. it is a really good program and has some great strengths.
  6. Houdini 4D

    that is great video. I used C4D for 10 years, yes there are things one can do much quicker in C4D BUT and this is a huge BUT it is not procedural. in C4D you have to make strategically placed saves or shorten the auto save time. if you save your project, exit C4D, come back and see you need to make changes to your project and after your last save you are screwed, there are no undo's to rely on you'll have to go to your latest save redo the project from that point on. with the strength of procedural modeling you just go to that node, make your change and move on PLUS you get to keep all your hair. I made the move to Houdini 2 years ago and haven't looked back. oh - isn't the 4th Dimension (4D) - time? and the 5th Dimension is a popular music group from the 60's
  7. The Beauty

    this is really insane, so much going on and you rendered it on a laptop very impressive I would say you have learned Houdini animation and modeling
  8. Procedural modellling

    Kenny Lamers/Indie Pixel has some good tutorials on SideFX and his Indie Pixel web site. he uses newer version of Houdini.
  9. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    this thread is terrific. I had not thought of using a Wacom instead of mouse. I found my really old Wacom bamboo and really like it, much easier on wrist. it is taking some getting used to. I do have one question about buttons on this one. who much improved is the pen on todays Wacom's compared to my ancient one? I find the small button sometimes hard to find and press without looking.
  10. I got this email today . . . Today marks a milestone for Allegorithmic and the Substance community: Allegorithmic is joining the Adobe family, where we’ll continue to lead the way in empowering 3D creation. Since the inception of Substance, our technology and tools have evolved to make 3D creation accessible to artists of every stripe. In Adobe, we’ve found a great partner who shares our love of creation and our drive for innovation and growth. The Substance tools and ecosystem you love are here to stay – and flourish! You’ll be seeing Substance and Adobe’s tools evolve together within the coming months and years, but the very same teams are still behind your favorite products, and you can still find us in your favorite online Substance communities, which are growing every day. When it comes to licensing, nothing changes for now. Your current licenses will continue running and getting updates. As we join the Adobe family, we will also unveil new and more flexible subscription offers in the coming months. We will share more details about these new and exciting licensing options at a later date. This wild and thrilling ride at the frontier of digital art began 15 years ago – with you. You believed that a small French company from Clermont-Ferrand could change the status quo and revolutionize digital creation. You made us grow. You: the early adopters, the artists, the visionaries, and the discoverers. You are our inspiration and we want you with us as we begin this new chapter, which starts today. Expect it to be bigger, bolder, and full of new adventures! For Allegorithmic founder and CEO Sébastien Deguy, this leap into a new era is both exciting and challenging.
  11. yeah, I looked about 4 hours after the announcement and there already 28 pages of comments, all negative except for Alleg staff
  12. I had it set once, but had to reformat my drive and now I have forgoten. I have gone through menus and didn't see it or at least it didn't jump out at me. so, how do you change the number of files shown in "open recent files"? got the answer from SideFX support - THANK YOU Silvina!! in the Houndini.env file enter: HOUDINI_MAX_FILE_HISTORY = 5 or what ever number of files you want
  13. Direct Modeling HDA

    *** SOLVED *** how do I install it? I found a video for H16. followed it but when I click " + ", then shelves I do not see DM as an option. I copied "TOOLBAR, OTIS, DM, desktop: to H17 root directory.
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    sure thing. thanks.
  15. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    I'll bring one over from Cinema4D we always wanted: the "make it pretty" button one I would like to see is what we had in C4D, camera mapping: where you could take a photo seamlessly integrate it into Houdini and then apply FX so it looks like it was all part of one scene. for instance, a photo of my house with a UFO parked in garage or rising up behind it.
  16. how do I set select tool to be laser by default? I tried making it laser and saved build but when I restarted Houdini, the select tool was back to default.
  17. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    Cinema4D is a really good modeling package, intuitive interface and it has PolyPen tool which you can model with. but it entry price is high: Prime is $1,000 USD, the annual service agreement is $250, with that you get next version of C4D free and subscription to Cineversity. you do not have to pay this but you get hit hard ($$$) if you skip a year or two and want to upgrade; you can d/l demo and use it for 45 days, after that no saves Blender is good and it is FREE but I've heard not so good things about its user interface if you are a student,m you might look around, some packages offer a really good price for students.
  18. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    oh man, can't wait for finalized version of poly draw
  19. Rebelway Issue

    if you paid with a credit card you could contact them and explain the situation and see if they will remove the charge.
  20. need advice on PC components upgrade for Houdini

    thank you all for the input and advice. yeah the threadripper is out of my price range. my current system chugs along for now so I will hold off and see what happens to Nvidia cards and AMD processors. thank you again for all the input.
  21. I know there are topics on this but they are older threads. which does/will Houdini 16.5/17 utilize best, processor or videocard? my current system is: core i5 4670, 16 gig ram, nvidia GTX960. it was ok when I built it 5 or so years ago. I want to upgrade, but the only processor which fits the board is i7 quad core. if I am going to upgrade processor why go with same cores just faster speed, right? so it would be new mobo, processor and ram. I am thinking of going with Ryzen chipset. so anyway, for Houdini can I limp along with this system for the time being and get an Nvidia 1070 ?
  22. Houdini 17 Wishlist

  23. I hope you are saying this tongue in cheek. so what tools are made to make life easier? so what it brings in new blood because of those tools. but if your only argument to not have such tools is to keep Houdini "complex" and keep the uninitiated away then close Houdini off to new users r at least until they pass muster by passing a complex VEX quiz. a regressive way of thinking.
  24. Houdini Modeling Drama

    Yes, Fyastrata, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around some aspects of hard surface modeling in Houdini, what would take me 10 minutes in Houdini takes 2 in C4D. Houdini VFX, especially particles, blows C4D out of the water it much quicker and easier to get results, for that I will stay with Houdini but for hardsurface modeling I am returning to C4D.
  25. yes I saw those and some look pretty good. I guess I am too old school modeling and I see some nasty mesh and don't care for booles