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  1. How do you combine 2 velocity fields?

    Alright, I think I might've found a temporary solution. Instead of trying to combine them, I use the torus velocity on a 'pop advect by volumes' advection type: vel, then the inwards velocities on another 'pop advect by volumes' but here I use advection type: force with a lower velocity scale. I also delete the scatter points for the box velocities based on the torus' shape first. Hope this makes sense and is not just unintelligible nonsense. Still hoping to see some other solution though! vel_test-02.hiplc
  2. How do you combine 2 velocity fields?

    So, I am trying to advect some particles around a torus with a 'volume velocity from surface', thing is, once they get out of range of the torus they just kinda stay there. So I am trying to add another velocity field to push them back, however I have gotten awfully stuck on this. In the example I have a torus with velocity and a box with all velocities pointing inwards, so how do I best combine these two? Also Happy New Year to all! vel_test-01.hiplc
  3. Vellum use imported restscale attribute

    Had a go at fixing it for you, when working with vellum constraints you have to work with primitive attributes vellum_restscale_import.hiplc
  4. create volume trails from smoke

    Drop down a grid in your desired size, scatter points and connect to a volume trail. It's not exactly the same but it comes pretty close. Play around with scatter amount and trail length until you're happy. Have fun!
  5. I am trying to inflate two spheres with different pressure in the same network. Problem is the spheres will both react to only one of the constraint property nodes. I am sure the solution has something to do with the bindings of the vellum source and the constrain property but I just cannot figure out how. pressuretest.hip