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  1. Hey guys, can someone please help me, i want to create a "wavy" looking effect, where i would keyframe translation of "activator" object, and where its translation would activate the pieces of packed geometry - i have an .ai file which i imported and gave it an extrude and whatnot and then packed it with assemble... from what i understand, packed geometry with assemble SOP creates points in centers of geometry, so i would like to animate translation, rotation and scale in DOPs on that points, but only when they are in activator objects space. For example, the box activator runs over it in X axis, and the wave of rotated objects runs promptly. when they get out of the object they should return to the rest position. I managed to get the setup going, imported packed primitives into DOP and I got to the point where i don't understand how to create the activator object, tried following few tutorials, an still no luck... How can i get the rotation of the particles/imported geometry? i will attach my scene and where i got stuck, alongside with imported .ai, can someone please point me in the right direction? thx test.zip
  2. Different noise value per point

    Hi, i guess i have a noob question here... im trying to make sort of molecular looking blobs(detergent molecules) that are located in water/turbulent field, where each of them would have some noise movement attached, so they would look like they are "working the magic". i followed few tutorials and got what i wanted but i would like to randomize the noise, so all the molecules don't look the same. i used mountain SOP for it so i'm not sure what to do. can somebody please point me in the right direction? example scene attached, because it's hard for me to explain, still new to houdini. thanks example.hiplc