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  1. Channel from connected node?

    OH I see - I wish documentation told about these things!
  2. Channel from connected node?

    Hm, can I read the first input of another node? NODE 1 connected to NODE 2 --- I'm in NODE 5, trying to get NODE 1 from NODE 2
  3. Channel from connected node?

    Thank you!!!!
  4. Channel from connected node?

    I've made a custom integer on a file node - and I would like to use that for naming my files in ROP file output. File node is directly connected to ROP out. How can I reach this custom parameter on connected opinput? Custom parameter name is "mode" - here is what I tried:
  5. COP Workflow - $F fails to update

    Looks like the image data and resolution is correct, and there, it's only the frame that "looks" missing.
  6. COP Workflow - $F fails to update

    I'm using a "file" node to load files, but because of my weird naming of the sequence, I've read the file sequence using a custom VEX expression. I have a slider, and depending on the slider, numbers (in the middle of the file name, such as File_0001_reflections_dark.exr) update. When I drag the slider, I can see different frames being loaded. My initial idea was to connect this to a ROP node and export every frame using $F - however when I type in $F for my slider, I get a big cross instead of the image itself. It does not error, it just looks like it's not "loading" for some reason. I believe this is because of some performance option? If there is a setting to force updates, I'd love to know! Or if I'm missing something very basic please enlighten me!
  7. Active Switch Input - Name

    Thank you!!
  8. Active Switch Input - Name

    How/where do you run python?
  9. Active Switch Input - Name

    I can prepare - that'd be creating an empty scene and creating a cop network - I just don't know how to script in COPs basically, there is no wrangle in that concept.
  10. Active Switch Input - Name

    How about doing this in COP
  11. Active Switch Input - Name

    I'm trying to get the active switch input op name - how is that possible?
  12. LUT Format?

    I would like to export my images in my cop network using a pre-made lut (exported from photoshop) - looks like "output lut" does not read any .lut formats created by photoshop (.3dl, .csp, .cube, .icc) - so what lut format should I use, and where should I obtain it?
  13. Same material - Different Textures

    I have to look into overrides then!
  14. Same material - Different Textures

    They do but again, different materials need to be used. What I want to achieve is - a single material that's used on all of my objects, that contain different textures. One material to control and build, that'll grab the texture data from the applied object, somehow.
  15. I have a material that I use on multiple objects on my scene. The material is pretty complex with many parameters for reflectivity, bump, etc. (redshift) To be able to use this material on different objects with differnt textures, I had to make copies of the material, and change the textures for each copy. But, for instance, when I want to control the reflectivity of the material, I have to go into each of those copies and make changes manually. Or, if I want to add another parameter/node to any connection on the material shader, again, I have to make changes to each material and copy, as they're using different textures. So I'm wondering, if there is a way to keep one single material but use different textures for different objects that it's applied?