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  1. Quickmark: CTRL + [Number] hotkeys

    Yes, it works. Maybe windows (10) is somehow using that key combination? I did a brand new houdini installation on another windows 10 machine, getting the same result (ctrl + 3 not working)
  2. How can I convert orientation/direction value (created by random attribute sop) to angle values to be used in transform sop?
  3. Get all points on a prim?

    With a little modification and correction, seems to work perfectly. Thank you sir! int scattered = findattribvalcount(1, "point", "sourceprim", @primnum); vector avg = {0,0,0}; for(int i = 0; i<scattered; i++) { int pt = findattribval(1, "point", "sourceprim", @primnum, i); vector p = point(1, "P", pt); avg += p; } avg /= float(scattered); v@avgP = avg;
  4. Get all points on a prim?

    seems to show {0,0,0} for each avgP
  5. Get all points on a prim?

    Wow, this is amazing. What if I want to access the average @P of all points on the prim?
  6. I have a grid, and I scatter points on it using the scatter sop. I want to access the number of scattered points per each prim of the grid. What's the most efficient way to achieve this? My current workaround contains a foreach loop, that creates "bounds" using the bounds sop per each prim, and groups scattered points using the "Bounding Object" bounding type. Then I write the count of points as a primitive attribute using a wrangle. This is very slow - would love to know how else to achieve this..
  7. Quickmark: CTRL + [Number] hotkeys

    My settings are like this, however, not working for me. Also no overrides.
  8. Looks like when I want to set quickmark to certain parts in my node graph, CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+4 works but CTRL+3 does not seem to work. I don't have any shortcut saved to this key combination, so I'm wondering, if this is the expected behavior in houdini 17.5 somehow?
  9. Vex Autocomplete / Tooltips

    I'm using the attribute wrangle (no external editor) and in some tutorials I watch there is an autocomplete going on while typing vex code. My houdini does not work this way, so I see no tooltips or autocomplete in my vex code. How should I enable this functionality as it's very hard to write code without seeing the details?
  10. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Bump: Can anyone comment to this? I'm looking for a solution, is this the expected behavior (does your houdini work the same way?)
  11. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Just installed the latest version (17.5.425) - same behavior.
  12. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    How does yours work? (Wondering if a reinstall would fix the issue)
  13. I'm having this problem with houdini volumes. In previous versions of houdini, when I created a volume, it used to show the outlines of the volume object (wireframe box) - but I see that's missing in my Houdini 17.5.391 However, When I enable "Two Dimensional" it becomes the wireframe outline of the volume becomes visible again. Here are two screenshots. I wanted to ask this because I'm wondering if there is a setting to turn this on by default?
  14. GPU Simulations

    Let me test pyro! (need to learn first!)
  15. GPU Simulations

    Hello all, I have an i7 4930k CPU with 64 gigs of ram, and a 980Ti Gpu - I realize when I do vellum simulations, my cpu is being used rather than my GPU - but I've assumed it to be otherwise. So I want to ask, what's calculated on GPU when using houdini? If Vellum can be calculated on GPU, how should I set it up that way? Here is my preferences window s to show you that I set up houdini to use my gpu.