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  1. opengl renderer - zdepth to png

    @Atom no matter what I've tried, the value is still far beyond 0 and 1 Also, I need to render my scenes without any clipping.
  2. Hello all, I'm currently using opengl renderer to render out a zdepth map quickly. Everything works fine except: The rendered zdepth map is a value between 0-100 (I believe) - when rendered as exr it's possible to work with it, however, I need to render it out as png as I don't need the extra bit depth for this project and I don't want to render to huge exr files for tens of tohusands of frames.. So for this specific project png wopuld work perfectly.. ..however when rendered as png, zdepth is not there any more, only pure black. Am I missing something here? How should I render the zdepth to png using the opengl renderer in houdini?
  3. Zdepth in point VOP

    10 seconds is ca comparably long time to have (almost) real time preview of what's going on. I need to see what's going on through the camera that's going to be rendered, otherwise, what's the point of all this?
  4. Rendering Depth Map (only)

    Yes, same result!
  5. Trying to use opengl renderer to render zdepth map (only) - I can see the image in the renderer however when saved (as a sequence or single frame through the renderer window) it's just blank I'm trying to save as PNG, I'm pretty sure I'm missing something. Any ideas?
  6. Zdepth in point VOP

    Doesn't have to be exactly that - Any way to get an "active camera to point distance" info would be sufficient
  7. Zdepth in point VOP

    That would be sufficient for me, if, somehow it's possible to get that information (per point) into VOP Distance calculation per point is too costy to do per-frame, with too many points --- very slow.. Any ideas that would speed this process up would also benefit me highly!
  8. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    thanks for the response copy to points is ultra slow when done with a lot of points (100 mil +) That's why I wanted to solve this directly using shaders. An example would be good, indeed
  9. Is it possible to get zdepth within the point vop directly? I currently calculate the distance from each point to the provided camera, but this seems to be very slow. When rendering openGL, for instance, I can render out a zdepth in no time, so I blieve the information is already there, just not sure how to reach it through VOP
  10. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    instancing geo doens't give me screen space points, I'm desperately needing an efficient way to render screen space points in houdini.. Opengl seemed very fast but point rendering has (almost) no settings
  11. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    How should I move forward with this? All I want is to have control over the default point look.
  12. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Windows (10), 980ti, Houdini 16.5 Nvidia Display Driver 388.59
  13. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Here is my (non working, I believe) test file, My next step will be to make a custom point shader, if I can get the grasp of this in houdini. Trying with one of the presets, I believe it should render points! glsl_point_shader_notworking.hip
  14. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Would it be too much to request a very simple example file? Ir any place where I can download examples about this? I've searched this forum, none of the examples I've found seem to work..
  15. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Checked both of them, couldn't get the example shader to work anyhow. I think those documents are very vague.. How can I load and check any of the shaders located under houdini/glsl directory?