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  1. Quickmark: CTRL + [Number] hotkeys

    Yes, it works. Maybe windows (10) is somehow using that key combination? I did a brand new houdini installation on another windows 10 machine, getting the same result (ctrl + 3 not working)
  2. Looks like when I want to set quickmark to certain parts in my node graph, CTRL+1, CTRL+2, CTRL+4 works but CTRL+3 does not seem to work. I don't have any shortcut saved to this key combination, so I'm wondering, if this is the expected behavior in houdini 17.5 somehow?
  3. How can I convert orientation/direction value (created by random attribute sop) to angle values to be used in transform sop?
  4. Get all points on a prim?

    With a little modification and correction, seems to work perfectly. Thank you sir! int scattered = findattribvalcount(1, "point", "sourceprim", @primnum); vector avg = {0,0,0}; for(int i = 0; i<scattered; i++) { int pt = findattribval(1, "point", "sourceprim", @primnum, i); vector p = point(1, "P", pt); avg += p; } avg /= float(scattered); v@avgP = avg;
  5. I have a grid, and I scatter points on it using the scatter sop. I want to access the number of scattered points per each prim of the grid. What's the most efficient way to achieve this? My current workaround contains a foreach loop, that creates "bounds" using the bounds sop per each prim, and groups scattered points using the "Bounding Object" bounding type. Then I write the count of points as a primitive attribute using a wrangle. This is very slow - would love to know how else to achieve this..
  6. Get all points on a prim?

    seems to show {0,0,0} for each avgP
  7. Get all points on a prim?

    Wow, this is amazing. What if I want to access the average @P of all points on the prim?
  8. Quickmark: CTRL + [Number] hotkeys

    My settings are like this, however, not working for me. Also no overrides.
  9. Vex Autocomplete / Tooltips

    I'm using the attribute wrangle (no external editor) and in some tutorials I watch there is an autocomplete going on while typing vex code. My houdini does not work this way, so I see no tooltips or autocomplete in my vex code. How should I enable this functionality as it's very hard to write code without seeing the details?
  10. I'm having this problem with houdini volumes. In previous versions of houdini, when I created a volume, it used to show the outlines of the volume object (wireframe box) - but I see that's missing in my Houdini 17.5.391 However, When I enable "Two Dimensional" it becomes the wireframe outline of the volume becomes visible again. Here are two screenshots. I wanted to ask this because I'm wondering if there is a setting to turn this on by default?
  11. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Bump: Can anyone comment to this? I'm looking for a solution, is this the expected behavior (does your houdini work the same way?)
  12. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    Just installed the latest version (17.5.425) - same behavior.
  13. Volume - Outline Not Visible?

    How does yours work? (Wondering if a reinstall would fix the issue)
  14. GPU Simulations

    Let me test pyro! (need to learn first!)
  15. GPU Simulations

    Hello all, I have an i7 4930k CPU with 64 gigs of ram, and a 980Ti Gpu - I realize when I do vellum simulations, my cpu is being used rather than my GPU - but I've assumed it to be otherwise. So I want to ask, what's calculated on GPU when using houdini? If Vellum can be calculated on GPU, how should I set it up that way? Here is my preferences window s to show you that I set up houdini to use my gpu.
  16. Hm I wonder when/if it'll get fixed soon
  17. Looks like VDB to spheres is working a bit different for me in V 17.5 The created spheres used to stay within the volume before but now it looks like some of them are exceeding the boundaries of the vdb. I've tried opening older files, they also work differently. Can anyone confirm this behavior, or if this is intentional or not? Not sure if a bug is going on on my end. V17.5.391
  18. @3dome yes, seems very random. What's more interesting to me is that it's not fixed since 17
  19. Wondering if it works correctly in any other stable 17.5 builds?
  20. Hm, is Houdini 17.5.350 a daily build? I can't find it in downloads page. @AslakKS
  21. Weird, so it's working correctly on 17.5.350 but not on the latest? Hm.
  22. Is this a bug? If it's here since V17 it can't be a bug I believe?
  23. Hm but then the distances between those resales points and everything else would fail (too much gap) - wouldn't make perfect fit any more am I wrong
  24. How exactly do you correct it? If pscales are modified than the spheres don't fit any more.
  25. Created spheres used to stay in boundaries of the parent object before. I sadly don't have an older version of Houdini installed at the moment but maybe later today I can install and check - or maybe someone can do the same in an older version and check.