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  1. Custom force not affecting RBD sim

    Understood, thanks for the help
  2. Custom force not affecting RBD sim

    Thanks for the response guys. I apologize I think I used the word "force" wrongfully. I'm actually manually adding velocity to specific rbd pieces in a sop solver. It does break glue constraints when there are no static objects constraint involved. You can see this in the file I attached. I just can't figure out why it ceases to work when constraints between static and active objects are involved.
  3. Hello, For some reason I can't get imported forces to affect an rbd sim when there is an active object constrained to a static object with simple glue. Even when the glue strength is set to minimum and the force is considerably scaled up, there is still nothing happening. The sim works fine if I remove the constraints between active and static objects and only keep the constraints between active pieces. I attached a simple setup below with the two configurations. Any Idea why the one with inactive objects doesn't work? Thanks. force_test.hipnc
  4. Hey man, I made an example of that in the scene attached below. Just run the code on the python node and it will generate the folders/subfolders/parameters on the null. PY_Layered Folders.hipnc
  5. Well turns out you can only name the first tab folder. The others will be locked and given an incremented name of the first one even if you create them manually in the parameter interface. Not sure why, maybe a bug in my Houdini version. Other folder types, like simple folder or collapsable work fine.
  6. Sorry, here is a reupload of the file with the folder names set properly. py_folder_create_V2.hipnc
  7. Hello guys, I'm trying to create two different parameter folders on a node. These two folders would be created by two different python nodes with the hou.FolderParmTemplate() method. Unfortunately when I try to achieve this, the second folder created doesn't get its name set properly. It sort of automatically takes an incremented name of the first folder created, even though it has a distinct name set in the hou.FolderParmTemplate() method. Any idea as to why this is happening and how to resolve it? I've attached a file, a simple setup of what i'm trying to do. There are three nodes : a null on which i'm trying to create two separate folders and the two python nodes that generate the different folders. If you run both of their codes and then go in the Parameter interface of the null, you'll see the second file hasn't been properly named. Many Thanks.