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  1. Mantra environment light texture resolution

    Thanks for having a look, I'll send sidefx a message. Yeah I hadn't seen it before but I was working on a shot where I wanted to see some reflections in a window last week and thats when I noticed it. I'll reply here if I find an answer.
  2. Mantra environment light texture resolution

    The shaderballs were to show that the reflection is sharp on that ground plane. If you look at the reflection of the HDRI in the ground and compare it to the HDRI behind the shaderballs it looks like it's a lower resolution in the reflection. There's a scene attached to my first post with the setup, the ground shader is a PBR reflection shader set to phong just to get sharp reflections. Cheers
  3. I've noticed in mantra when I'm using a shader that has a very low roughness the reflections of my environment light HDRI are blurred/low resolution compared to the actual image. Is there a way to increase the resolution that my HDRI is being sampled at in reflections? I've made a test scene here with a grey + chrome ball, and a perfectly reflective ground plane to show the issue. Thanks! envlight.hiplc
  4. Motion Blur on an animated light

    So I ended up finding a solution for this that worked for me, I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else runs into this problem. I was told by sesi that a light only has it's color/intensity sampled once at the shutter open time in mantra, but you can sample geometry attributes over sub-frames if you add the parameter 'vm_segmentattrs' to your mantra node and list the attributes that you want to be sampled. So instead of using a light I used a bit of geometry and animated the Cd attribute which was plugged into an emission shader to get the effect I was after. MotionBlur_2.hiplc
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to render a scene where my lights change colour/intensity between frames. I was hoping to see these colour changes in the motion blur but when I try and render it the light just stays a constant colour/intensity even though I can see it changing when I scrub through in the viewport. Has anyone else managed to get something like this working before in mantra? I've set up a simple test scene here with one light animating around and changing colour & intensity. Cheers! MotionBlur.hiplc