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  1. Hi. I am trying to make a simple HDA which will drop down an asset on another asset. It works fine inside Houdini but it doesn't work in UE4 or Max. What is wrong with current setup? drop_dop.hda
  2. Solid flat colors and no AA

    Thank you again, Konstantin:) Your proposals are very useful! I will definitely go further with either of your suggestions. COPs are around 25% faster but SOPs are more flexible. Also, i changed 'Focal' to 0.0435. It seems to be more precise:)
  3. Solid flat colors and no AA

    Thank you. There could be rather big primitives which have invisible center but other part of it will be visible. Your first COP idea is brilliant. However, if i have a LOT of objects(5000-10000) I get some errors due to color precision. Cause I assign different Cd with some step for them to get the correspondence between COP rendered frame and the actual scene. So I need to find a way to mark primitives somehow. That they were visible from the camera in COPs. So i want to know is it possible to set/write some attributes from COPs to input geometry? Does that make sense?:) PS: I was able to improve precision by setting Raster Depth to 32Bit on VOP COP2 Generator. It helped. But, looking for the 100% precise solution
  4. Solid flat colors and no AA

    Konstantin, is there a way not only read but also to write attributes to sops from cops? Let’s say, i want to add some integer to every prim that got a raycast hit in that shader? I think it is possible to write it to a texture. Like in Vertex Animation Texture. But maybe there is a more simple and elegant way.
  5. Solid flat colors and no AA

    Thank you so much, Konstantin. It looks like exactly what i need. Simple and fast. Awesome!
  6. Hi. I need to determine which objects are actually visible from the camera(objects inside of camera frustrum and not obscured by other objects) Maybe there is some simple way to get that. But i decided to assign different colors to the objects, to render/screenshot from the camera and compare which colors were in frame and which not. I was able to turn off AA in Mantra and to output diffuse image plane with solid colors and it does everything for me. But this way is very slow. around 15sec for 1 render of 250 spheres. I tried to grab screenshot with viewwrite -q 0. But it has some AA which is mixing my colors. I'm also trying to use OpenGL Rop but i have problems also. On top picture i have nice flat colors(with High Quality Lighting off) but also AA On bottom picture i have no AA but have shading from High Quality Ligjting. Is there any way to solve this?
  7. Hi. I'm working on the tool, that should scatter some multiple objects as intances. I'm using Operator Path as an input source. I am able to pass multiple geometry under it in Unreal(as seen on the screenshots). However I'm getting 1 of 2 cases: 1 - HDA returns correctly instanced geometry(but at each point i have a combined geometry from all inputs) 2 - if I manually delete unneeded geometry in VEX inside copy-to-points loop - I have proper geometry but without instances(each copy is unique) Is it possible to have multiple input geometry scattered across points with proper instancing. I've also added the HDA. The primitive wrangle will manually delete geometry but will break intancing(so I turned it off) scatter_instance.hdalc
  8. 2 editable curves in Unity from Houdini

    I figured out the problem. Instead of trying make 2 editable curves in Houdini I made 2 ObjectMerge inputs and feed 2 HDA Curves from Unity to it.
  9. Hi! I want to make a HDA with a mesh that is formed between 2 editable curves: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ax8bexpm9ba4et2/nodes.jpg?dl=0 It is working fine when I print in 1 of the curves to Editable Nodes in Edit Operator Type Properties. But I need 2 of them to be editable from Unity. Does someone have an idea? Or it is a Houdini Engine limitation?