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  1. hi all ! I have a basic vellum grains setup. I need to modify the clumping to make the grains stick together less and for the grains to move more freely. Any suggestions which setting in the grain solver I should be modifying?? Thank you!
  2. Emit pyro outwards (not upwards)

    Hey everyone, I have an animated object moving in a sin wave type motion. I am trying to emit smoke outwards from it. At the moment the smoke is just rising in Y which isn't what I want. Any suggestions? + i made an awful unnecessary diagram, it might help or it might be confuse matters
  3. kill by velocity

    That works perfectly! Thanks
  4. kill by velocity

    Hey guys! I need to kill particles that have little/no movement. The trouble with killing by velocity is the particles that are moving, are varying in the axis they're moving in so I can't just kill @P.y ? Any suggestions? Is it maybe possible to get each a particles speed of some sort?
  5. Hey everyone! I am try to simply advect particles with a moving object. We have particles/grains floating around and a person runs through them at speed so I just need to create some advection/turbulence, more than what's already created from the collision. I assume it is as simple as pyro but I can't seem to work this one out. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. [SOLVED] Bring the attribute transfer into the solver rather before it
  7. Hmm, that doesn't seem to work, could you explain
  8. Thanks for the reply! i think it's even simpler than what you described. i am just trying to store all the color from the impact points on the ground. I assume this can be done with a sop solver and reading the previous frame but im not sure how?
  9. Hey guys, This should be fairly simple. I have a ball bouncing on a plane, I am finding the contact points but rather than displaying then one at a time as the ball bounces, I need them all together on a frame hold I am transferring the Cd attribute from the ball to the plane to get the contact points. Then we are removing all ground geometry except the contact points if (@Cd.g >= 0) removepoint(0,@ptnum); the contact points appear frame by frame as the ball is bouncing. Any idea how to get them all to display at once? So I guess I need to store the contact point somehow?
  10. So if we wanted all the rbd objects that fall below y=1 to be affected by the Pop Force, we create a popgroup called makeActive with: if (@P.y < 1.0) ingroup = 1; Plug that pop group into the post-solve, and then use 'makeActive' in the pop Force? I think I must be doing something wrong? * SOLVED - This above method works
  11. Hey Everyone! Is it possible to define a region (perhaps with a shape) which pop forces are applied. I have an rbd sim and am looking to have a specific area that is affected by a pop force. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone! If we have particles colliding with an object and bouncing off, we can transfer colour to the hit position. Once the particles have bounced off the object, the colour is also removed. How do we get the Cd to remain on the object once the particles have bounced off? Any idea would be great! thanks
  13. Procedural Scale

    Thank you so much! this is exactly what I was looking at doing! You say this was a preset though? How did you find this preset? - I couldn't find anything anywhere?
  14. Hi Everyone, Question Time! I have a curve in a helix shape. It has been made procedurally so the number of coils and length etc can be modified I would like one end of the helix to be stretched out more. Is there a way of procedurally scaling a part of a curve perhaps with a ramp? Any thoughts would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  15. That's fine, check this out: https://www.google.com/search?q=cross+product&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab