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  1. Megascan animated vegetation

    Perhaps with a dopnet and wind, Or It maybe quicker and more efficient to use chops?
  2. Maybe this could be done with locators positioned on this grid and baked out. Then get the new geometry and parent it to the locators. I'm not sure this would totally work but its an idea. I have used this in maya on a similar project which seemed to work fine
  3. Hold the Y key and drag across the lines you want to break
  4. a small expression could be made so say something like: if($F == 1){transferAttribs}else{do_nothing} ... I'm sure the other methods above are simpler though?
  5. question about UVs [Resolved]

    Take a look at this:
  6. question about UVs [Resolved]

    Yes, as David said, it can be done but I don't see the need for multiple UV's. I think you mean 1 set of UV's and then multiple textures?
  7. Depth of Field in viewport display?

    I don't believe is possible in off the shelf houdini without writing your own tool to do this.
  8. Unlock the handles

    Your pivot is set to [120.189, 248.071, 827,831] The handle are there, they're just far away so you can't see them. Try moving the pivot back to [0, 0, 0], or where ever the centre of the rhino is.
  9. This is quite good: And something a bit more in depth:
  10. Unlock the handles

    Yeh, learning what isn't causing the problem helps to figure out what is causing the problem so its a lot of trial and error. Learning how to work your way though the issues and to debug is super helpful in houdini.
  11. workflow houdini tips

    Do you set projects when you start a project? This helps to contain all the information within the project cleanly. Take a look:
  12. Unlock the handles

    Can you not replace the HD for SSD's and the RAM and grpahics cards in the '09 Mac Pro? With your model, try bringing that file into a new scene and slowly add all the same nodes and see which node causes the handle issue - when doing it, create the nodes again not copy and pasting.
  13. You could apply a sin/cos function to the intensity? Or use CHOPS waves to also modify the intensity?
  14. Unlock the handles

    Yes, I'd suggest putting a post in the SideFX forum too. I'm sure there's a simple solution. And about your other topic, To be honest, I don't know too much about the all the graphics cards and components etc required for Houdini. Personally, I would always go for the Mac option over windows. Linux is good but harder to install softwares. The only downside, I see, to having a mac is whether it actually has enough power. Try looking into a 2008 Mac Pro, it would be a lot cheaper and its modular so the internal components can be swaped out. So you'll have a little extra work, but I expect you could get a machine that's a lot better and less pricey.
  15. Console Error, can't render

    Yep, deleting that folder makes Houdini create a new one when it open and which resets all the preferences