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  1. Hi All! So we've all used a voronoi fracture, and seen it used. That's the problem! Is anyone able to suggest methods to stop the voronoi fracture fracturing with the classic voronoi look with more ‘randomness’? Obviously it depends on the material we’re fracturing but just in general Thanks all.
  2. Thanks for that! That's a massive help!
  3. Hey Everyone, Can anyone give me information about baking a texture onto an object? So I projected camera footage onto an object however I'm making the object disintegrate like paper and need the projected texture to remain on the object after it has disintegrated. I can't seem to find any resources about this? Many thanks in advance
  4. Fluid not colliding with object

    Hi Everyone! I have an issue with a flip fluid sim not colliding with any objects. I have made the objects static objects, and the settings I have on this collision object are working perfectly fine in another scene with a different fluid sim - which might indicate in may be to do with the fluid? Are there any settings in the fluid that could prevent it from colliding? Let me know if you need more info. Thanks!
  5. Hey All! So i'm scattering points on a geometry to Voronoi fracture to break into multiple chunks. There is a portion of the geometry I want to break of in just one chunk Is there a way to tell Houdini not scatter points in that particular area of geometry? Thanks everyone!
  6. Thanks Dominik! That's really helpful!
  7. Hi everyone! Just a quick question out of interest. Speaking very generally, fluids usually take longer to compute/sim/render than other types of sim(e.g. rdb). Just wondering why from a technical point of view? Is it anything to do with equations used to compute it? or i guess more particles stuff in the scene? I've just seen how vague and ridiculous this question might sound but any info on this would be really interesting! Thanks in advance!
  8. Two WEDGE node questions

    Hey Tom, you can add multiple parameters within the same wedge node - is this what you mean?:
  9. Cache Optimization

    I agree it's not massive, but I'm just trying to find ways to optimise it and save time. Also i'm guessing the small the file, the easier and faster it is to read from?
  10. Cache Optimization

    Hey Atom! Thanks for the advise. I will give it a go however the particle separation is already at 0.1 which I thought was quite high?
  11. Cache Optimization

    Oh really! I haven't done it with shelf tools so I'll try implementing it from that. Thanks! Any other suggestions anyone?
  12. Hi All! Are there any ways to optimise/reduce the file size of Houdini caches. I'm caching a (very small) FLIP fluid sim with a 'File Cache' Node at the moment and each frame is about 100MB. Multiply by 500 frames and that's a BIG cache! - not to mention the time its taking! I am sure it shouldn't be this large considering this is only a very small fluid sim so any tips would be great! I know a lot of people have this issue with sims so hopefully kind people can help us out! Thanks in advance!
  13. Entagma Packing the torus tutorial

    The 'Boolean' node I believe is the updated 'Cookie' node in Houdini 16, it works in a very similar way so perhaps try that?
  14. [SOLVED] Silhouette edges

    I haven't looked at the scene file, but perhaps this could be done in compositing in the Image Network?
  15. Pack Primitives and Groups

    Hey John, Thanks of replying. I am placing the 'inside' & 'outside' groups in the 'Transfer Groups' field in the assemble sop. It transfers the 'inside' and 'outside' groups but testing with the delete node, the groups transfer over but the geometry within each group changes? Basically the geometry in the 'inside' group is different once it has been through the assemble node. (Same applies for the 'outside' group) Is it something I'm doing wrong in the assemble node? Thanks again for replying!