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  1. hi everyone, how can we constraint a pre fractured object to an animated ground plane that moves left and right ? what i have done so far was to scatter points in both objects and used connectadjacentpieces for constraints .. but i gives a weird behavior and the points that are on the ground and are involved in constraint begin to fly off it when ground moves ..! what am i doing wrong in here ? thanks for the help .. i attached the file .. building eathquake.hip
  2. thank you so much for your answer but it's not what i'm looking for actually .. what i want is to pin the bottom to a animated ground so it must be constraints i think .. i've put together a setup using scatter points on both objects .. my simple building and the ground and then connected them using connectAdjacent.. and i'm working on it right now and seems to have got it to almost work and it follows the animated shaky ground .. but there's still problems in it .. i don't know why the points on the ground begin to be lifted off the ground while the building is moving to the sides .. in spite of increasing the glue strength .. i'll put up a scrreenshot of what is going on ..
  3. hi, how can we constraint a pre fractured object WHICH has been glued together to the ground plane ? i mean constraining a constraint? where and how should we make the constraints ? should we scatter some points withing the region bottom to the fractured object ? and do the constraints ? have no idea how constraining between constraints should happen :| thanks a lot ..
  4. merging multiple constraints in DOP

    thank you so much for great explanation ..
  5. hi everyone, i'm trying to do something like having multiple RBD objects with constraints setup through one Single constraints setup withing a DOP .. i am still newbie in houdini and have no idea about the logic behind it.. put me in the right direction .. what is the approach to get this working? what i have done was i copied the nodes in the DOPS including RBD objects, bullet solver, constraint network and wired them back to the original merge that flows to the output and RBDs are there but constraints are not working and there is certainly problems with the names and should not the be solution .. do i have to do the node copies in the geometry level ? .. hope to have made myself clear .. thank you in advance for any help ..