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  1. Hi Guys ! I would like to know if there is a simple way to create hierarchy in Houdini and Export them into a FBX ? It seams that a subnet in OBJECT working fine of one level but if i want multiple level ? Box_1 Box_2 Box3 Box_4 ... I find this : i'm gonna study it : https://sondreutheim.com/post/houdini__hierarchical_fbx_export But maybe there is an easier way now ? Have a nice day all !
  2. FBX Hierarchy

    If someone searching there is with child and FBX import with a file : it's fixe since 18.0.5
  3. thanks a lot for your help @underscoreus it helped ! Since i get more confident with my knowledge on vellum. Now i'm playing with the Vellum constrain properties a lot in both DOP and VellumSolver. Using Vex or only Hscript in it it was really hard to understand that some properties are more on the geo ( like Weld) or in constraints. Also it was not clear for me that the constraint created are not updatinng onn SOP but you can update them into solver. Anyway the Advanced vellum video helped a lot if someone want to understand vellum it's a must
  4. FBX Hierarchy

    Hi Houdini lovers ! One of our tech art as a problem with FBX / File node. He create hierarchyof Geometry in Maya and try to import it in houdini by using a file node in SOP. The strange thing is : Every other user see all the geometry but on his side he only see parent nodes. We try to uninstall Houdini and delete the usefiles , we try with houdini 16.5 17.5 and 18. nothing worked. He install FBX Review from autodesk , and we are wondering if it modify the reading of FBX or something ? We tried to uninstall this aswell but it didn't fix anything. Anybody has a clue ? or has already encournter this problem ? Have a nice day all !
  5. Hi here so my subject is : Inflate and Pop a geometry ( Like the pig head) I'm feeding a remeshed pieg head with Pieces generated with a edge fracture into a Vellum cloth. Then i add a Vellum Weld and a Vellum pressure to sew the pieces and inflate the Pighead. Inside the Vellum solver i animate the Rest Lenght Scale to inflate the balloon. Now i'm trying to break it : I start playing with the Breaking Thresholod in the VellumWeld : i try different values but i'm not achieving what i want. So i create a vellumconstraintproperty in Vellum Solver and animate with Breaking Thresholod value. it's stay at -1. so it's not working at all. I told myself, i could animate a map or a group ( Like with RBD) and destroy the constraint inside the vellum solver. that would give me a lot of control but that's not working either ( or i dont manage to build something ) And i a saw some Entagma's Video and this but i'm wondering if i could have more control on that Any idear ? Have Nice day all !
  6. Groupselection inside HDA

    Hi here ! I know it's a bit late,Did you find a Solution ?