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  1. Houdini 9 And Vs2005?

    Now that it's out and everything... can anyone tell me if H9 uses/will use VS2005? thanks!
  2. I know that Houdini 7 and 8 and such don't work with VS2005 (yes, I read the FAQ!) but I was hopeful that perhaps H9 will? Can anyone comment on this? I have VS2005, but missed 2003, and haven't had a lot of luck using their stripped down/commandline type version of VS2003 for doing much of anything. thanks...
  3. Vop Network With No Input??

    Ahhh... that was it! thanks! I went back and watched the video again and he even said exactly what you just said. I guess I just missed it trying to follow along. thanks for the help, guys...
  4. Vop Network With No Input??

    Hi everyone, I'm going through the Building Procedural Cities DVD (from cmivfx) and I've been trying to do everything exactly like was done in the video... but when I went into the COP section (sorry, I'm a newbie, I know there's a more appropriate word for it), my VOP network didn't have an input :/ I'm attaching a picture of my problem (no input) and my network. I feel like it's something I missed, but I'd really like to know what I did wrong. thanks...