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  1. Getting the hip version with hbatch

    jkunz07 Thanks for the reply!! Yes,I was trying with hython yesterday and agree with you.I think I would do it with hython. Thanks Hiro
  2. Hi, I want to get the version of the hip using hbatch.(the Houdini version I used to make the hip file) (Also I want to check a lot of files) Can someone guide me?? Thanks Hiro
  3. vertex animation textures BBOX size

    Ben Thanks for the reply. It is pretty complicated(I cant understand what its doing inside) so,I think it might be good for me to calculate. Thanks Hiro
  4. vertex animation textures BBOX size

    I dont know what HDA is,,, I want to change the value of the BBOX MINMAX but I cant find where the value is getting made. It's in the Data for Realtime Shader. Where do you put your /100 in??I'm new to houdini. Hiro
  5. Hi,Im using the [vertex animation textures ]and I want to scale down the BBOX MAX MIN to 1/100size only for display. How do I do it? Thanks Hiro
  6. POP Emission

    Javier Thanks!!I will give it a try!!
  7. POP Emission

    Hi,I started houdini a while ago,I have some question about POP emission. If I wanted to start the emission at frame 1050,I would type $FF < 1050 in the Const.Activation. But,If I wanted to Emit from Frame 1050 and keep Emitting for 3 frames from that Frame,What should I do? Thanks