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  1. Hi, I am making a rigid body simulation.I am doing a guided simulation,and the parts will follow the guide sim until they are active. The problem is that I can activate these parts when the center point(packed point)gets inside other mesh, But I cant find out how to activate when the piece gets inside even a little bit inside the other mesh like the picture I attached. For example,I want the blue parts and yellow parts(brown and maybe pink)to get activated if they get inside even a little bit inside each other. I hope someone could help. Thanks, Hiro
  2. Hi, I cant get the setJoinWithNext() to work when I made it few days ago.(setHelp,setDisableWhen works when I insert in it instead so,I am confused.) Can someone guide me? Thanks Hiro for i in range(number): parm_tuple = node.parmTuples()[i] parm_template = parm_tuple.parmTemplate() parm_type = parm_template.type() if ((parm_template.name() == "execute") or (parm_template.name() == "renderdialog") ): pass elif ((parm_template not in node.parmTemplateGroup().entries()) and (parm_type != hou.parmTemplateType.FolderSet) ): group = node.parmTemplateGroup() folder = group.containingFolder(parm_template).label() parent_node = parent group = parent_node.parmTemplateGroup() folder = group.findFolder(folder) next_bool = parm_template.joinsWithNext() parm_template.setJoinWithNext(next_bool) print(next_bool) group.appendToFolder(folder, parm_template) parent_node.setParmTemplateGroup(group)
  3. @LucaScheller Thanks!I will look at it!
  4. @LucaScheller Hi,Sorry for the late reply. I did not know this.I think I will do it this way.I am so happy to know this!! I did finish the python way,but its not a very good way I think... Also I am not a python guy,,,(cry) The refresh with python, It would be best to do it,but I cant find anyway to,,,So I think I will do it by hand. Thanks, Hiro
  5. import hou import pprint parent = kwargs["node"] parent_path = ("../" + parent.name()) children = parent.children() child = children[0] child_path = ( parent_path + "/" + child.name()) node = child number = len(node.parmTuples()) def first(): for i in range(number): parm_tuple = node.parmTuples()[i] parm_template = parm_tuple.parmTemplate() parm_type = parm_template.type() if parm_type == hou.parmTemplateType.FolderSet: name = parm_template.name() label = parm_template.folderNames() type = parm_template.folderType() parent_node = parent group = parent_node.parmTemplateGroup() group.addParmTemplate(hou.FolderParmTemplate( name, label[0], folder_type=type)) parent_node.setParmTemplateGroup(group) elif parm_template in node.parmTemplateGroup().entries(): parent_node = parent group = parent_node.parmTemplateGroup() group.append(parm_template) parent_node.setParmTemplateGroup(group) else: print("None") first() def second(): for i in range(number): parm_tuple = node.parmTuples()[i] parm_template = parm_tuple.parmTemplate() parm_type = parm_template.type() if not (parm_type == hou.parmTemplateType.FolderSet) and not (parm_template in node.parmTemplateGroup().entries()): group = node.parmTemplateGroup() print(group) folder = group.containingFolder(parm_template).label() parent_node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/TestForPython_HDA') group = parent_node.parmTemplateGroup() folder = group.findFolder(folder) group.appendToFolder(folder, parm_template) parent_node.setParmTemplateGroup(group) second() def reference(): parm_count = len(node.parms()) pprint.pprint(parm_count) for i in range(parm_count): name = node.parms()[i] pprint.pprint(name) reference = (child_path + "/" + name.name()) handler = (parent_path + "/" + name.name()) channel = ('ch' + '(\"../' + name.name() + '\")') if name == node.parms()[i]: name.setExpression(channel) reference() I think I got it. There is some trouble sometimes.(Dont know why)But,needs time to figure out why it sometimes gets an error...
  6. import hou import pprint node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/subnet2/TestNode') number = 5 parm_tuple = node.parmTuples()[number] name = [parm.name() for parm in parm_tuple] group = node.parmTemplateGroup() parm_template = group.entriesWithoutFolders()[number] myIndex = group.containingFolderIndices(parm_template) folder = group.entryAtIndices(myIndex) ContFolder = group.containingFolder(parm_template) name = ContFolder.name() label = ContFolder.label() node = hou.node('/obj/geo1/subnet2') group = node.parmTemplateGroup() folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate(name, label) folder.addParmTemplate(parm_template) group.append(folder) node.setParmTemplateGroup(group) I am not a python guy, and I'm stuck and need some help. What I want to do is, I want to make a custom HDA that has a node(ex.Mantra) inside, and I want to copy all the parm(+folders) in the Mantra Node,and paste it in the HDA parameter. Also I want to reference it each. I tried and figured out how to copy the parm and folder,but when I do this to all the parm,it will make a lot of folder with the same name... Is there any good way to do this? I want do it with python. Thanks, Hiro
  7. How to get All the bgeo.sc used in scene

    import os import hou files = filter(lambda p: p.endswith('.sc'), [n.evalParm('file') for n in hou.nodeType('Sop/file').instances()] ) text = '\n'.join(files) hipdir = os.environ["HIP"] hipname = hou.hipFile.basename() name,ext = os.path.splitext(hipname) file_path = os.path.join(hipdir,(name+'.txt')) with open(file_path, 'w') as f: f.write(text) It turn out like this.I am a beginner at python stuff,it might be not good.But,it works for now. Thanks!!
  8. How to get All the bgeo.sc used in scene

    AtomicPerception Alex Rusev Thanks for the reply.Sorry I was late to see this. This Worked perfectly!! files = filter(lambda p: p.endswith('.sc'), [n.evalParm('file') for n in hou.nodeType('Sop/file').instances()]) Thanks Hiro
  9. I want to print all the bgeo.sc used in the scene.Using Python. hou.fileReferences() doesn`t give me any bgeo.sc used in the scene. I am looking for a way. Can someone guide me?? Thanks Hiro
  10. Getting the hip version with hbatch

    jkunz07 Thanks for the reply!! Yes,I was trying with hython yesterday and agree with you.I think I would do it with hython. Thanks Hiro
  11. Hi, I want to get the version of the hip using hbatch.(the Houdini version I used to make the hip file) (Also I want to check a lot of files) Can someone guide me?? Thanks Hiro
  12. vertex animation textures BBOX size

    Ben Thanks for the reply. It is pretty complicated(I cant understand what its doing inside) so,I think it might be good for me to calculate. Thanks Hiro
  13. vertex animation textures BBOX size

    I dont know what HDA is,,, I want to change the value of the BBOX MINMAX but I cant find where the value is getting made. It's in the Data for Realtime Shader. Where do you put your /100 in??I'm new to houdini. Hiro
  14. Hi,Im using the [vertex animation textures ]and I want to scale down the BBOX MAX MIN to 1/100size only for display. How do I do it? Thanks Hiro
  15. POP Emission

    Javier Thanks!!I will give it a try!!