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  1. Path for Houdini self learn

    H¡i again!! Any heeeeelp???!!! :'(
  2. Hello everybody! I'm a CGI artist who wants to specialize in FX and just starts with Houdini in earnest. I've been tinkering for a couple of months, recreating a tutorial and I already have basic knowledge of how the structure works in Houdini and also a bit of intro to basic RBD and particles with basic SideFX tutorials. I have no knowledge of VEX or VOPS, etc. So now that I want to dedicate myself more seriously, I am sure that in February I will do the Intro to FX course: http://www.cgsociety.org/training/course/introduction-to-fx-using-houdini1 or the Pyro of Rebelway: https://rebelway.net/mastering-pyro-fx-in-houdini/ However, from today to that day, I would like to start with a plan to learn really in an orderly way Houdini and assimilate the concepts to be able to get to enter the film industry as FX Artist. For that, here I leave my doubts about what would be the right way to learn Houdini until I can create a JR reel? 1) Is there a specific order of things to learn before going into destructions, fluids, explosions, etc? 2) If there is such an order as I can do it in a self-taught way or with more affordable tutorials than the courses that I mentioned for almost $ 800? 3) I know that now is the boom of people who specialize in FX and I would like to learn well not to do the typical exercises of all the reels that are based on tutorials. Greetings and many thanks for your patience!