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  1. Rigid Body _ initial Ground Collision

    It's working ! Thank you ! I didn't think to keep my pieces below the ground and to give them the attribut active 0. So now all my boxes visibles are active. Have a good day
  2. Rigid Body _ initial Ground Collision

    Thank you for your fast reply. Your solution works well. But in this case the bottom boxes would never be affected by the simulation. Is it possible to make the initial position a rest position defined previously by the node rest position ?
  3. Hello ! I have a custom ground and I want my object to not move until I have a collision. I connect my ground with my object by a Glue constraint. But so far my object is still moving... Do you have an idea ? Here you can see my simulated object, my red drawing is where I would like my object to be. ODForce_GroundCollision_001.hipnc