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  1. Sop Solver Dilemma

    Victor to the rescue again! Thank you very much man! I was so close, i am missing what you changed in the SOP level tho
  2. Clusterin Pyro on the y axes

    Grazie Andrea! I will defo check out the masterclass again, i had a look at it a while ago now, thanks
  3. Clusterin Pyro on the y axes

    Hey everyone, I am a bit struggling with more advanced pyro stuff, I have to make a very tall and hi res smoke plume from a relatively large flat source. Now I did make it a cluster from the shelf and that works fine on the orizontal plane, but in order to maintain the containers hi res I was wandering if and how, I could cluster them also vertically along the y axes in orther to avoid a number of thin but supertall containers which would as well lose resolution and solve slower. In you have any tip, tutorials or other valuables information it would be great Thank you Frankie
  4. Hard Constraint Unknown Behaviour

  5. Deform/Bend curves with radius

    Hello, I am tring to bend a number of lines copied to points with no success. I managed to orient them with the normals, but what I would also need is to bend them outwards as if the gravity of the top would make them. Thank you Francesco bend.hipnc BendLines.tif
  6. Uknown shading artefacts from Mantra rendering

    I opened the .exr file in Nuke, but the black artefacts are in all the passes, in some stronger than in others. We also tried to run the render after putting on the geometry a Polydoctor node and a fuse node with really low fuse number to see if there was any coplanar or overlapping surfaces. I also tried with a basic principal shader, but nothing changed. Anything we try seems to give us different outcomes, also is really difficult to test because the result is different between the render view, Mplay and the actual render. Sometimes It fixes the problem and is not showing up anymore in mplay or in the render view, but only in the output files.
  7. Hello everyone, i am having some serious rendering problems with a farily simple scene and materials, this black squares appear randomly and change each frame. It would sound like a bug becasue sometimes the same frame renders cleanly from an other machine or after reeboot, I checked everything i could think about but no improvement. The only thing that seemed to be working, but only in Mplay renders,wes the rising of Raytracing bias, Z importance and Shading Qiality Multiplier. It was initially happening only in one file, but now is on two different scenes which share most of th esame assets and i don't know where to go. I would share a scenefile but there is a lot of stuff attached to it. Any help or suggestion will be very much appreciated since is the last week of our master project! Francesco
  8. GI makes scene darker

    Hey, thank you Dave sorry what needs to be done in order to make it work? Do you change setting on the gi light or on the mantra rop? Now is creating the photom map but the render appears solid gray... Also, if not with photon map how would you approach the lighting of such scene with the goal of photorealism? Thanks Frankie
  9. GI makes scene darker

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make the lighting of a warehouse, the set up is pretty basic: - portal light working as envlight - distant light and the GI light that apparently is making the scene darker than when is swtiched off. Does anybody know how to solve this? Thank You very Much Frankie MP_H_Enviroment_Problem.hipnchip.hipnc