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  1. Finishing Gold Pineapple Prop

    Thank you so much! Very helpful
  2. Finishing Gold Pineapple Prop

    Hi! Can anyone help me understand how to scale the leaves of this pineapple to be smaller on the bottom? Would be great if I could do it with a ramp, but don’t know how yet. The leaves are copied to points.
  3. Edge displace surface of geometry

    Hi! I’m wondering if anyone are familiar with the process of edge displacing the surface of a geometry and if you could help me understand how to do it? best reagards Martin Fatnes
  4. How can I make them look like to parts instead of one?
  5. Octupus modeling - cloth part

    sorry. Still can`t get it to work. the problem happens as early as the group by range node. tried doing it before the copy, but no improvement.
  6. Octupus modeling - cloth part

    Any idea why this is happening?
  7. Octupus modeling - cloth part

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!
  8. Octupus modeling - cloth part

    Hi! I am trying to model the skin between the legs of an octopus (image included). I have one tentacle that I have copied on a circle and I want this cloth between all of them. How can I make this procedural effect? I have seen this tutorial and want a similar result, but here you cant increase the number procedurally. Could anyone point me in the right direction of how I should proceed with this problem?
  9. Hi! Kind of a noob question here, but what is the proper way to open a shared .hip file containing containing file cache nodes?
  10. Rock formations

    You would not happen to know how to animate trees as well? I`ve heard you can use the wire solver, but I have no idea how to use it.
  11. Rock formations

    Thank you!! It`s fantastic.
  12. Rock formations

    Hi! Does anyone here know how to recreate the rocks in this video? There is a little breakdown and it seems simple, but I have never seen any tutorial of some sort regarding this. https://vimeo.com/243241180