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  1. particle question

    Hi, thank you for your answer:) I'll try, but I have no experience in houdini. Do you have an example of how to do it? greetings
  2. particle question

    Hi, I found this setup for particle morph: float strength = ch("strength"); float arrivedistance = ch("arrivedistance"); int goalpt = @id % npoints(@OpInput3); vector goalpos = point(2, "P", goalpt); f@goaldistance = distance(goalpos, @P); vector goaldir = normalize(goalpos - @P); @v = goaldir * strength * fit(@goaldistance, 0, arrivedistance, 0, 1); Setup is very nice but it would be super to add functionality. Im new to vex. Is it possible to move particle into the nearest point on the target, because at the moment (I attached screenshots) particles morph in random way (evenly fills the entire object )? It would be perfect to fill object starting from the closest point. I will be very grateful for your help. Regards, Pawel