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  1. Trouble with fracturing an object

    In addition to that you also have to fuse and close the bottom with a polyfill. Else voronoifracture would produce atrifacts when I testd it in 17.
  2. VEX function ocean_sample - what inside?

    did you consider asking this on the official sidefx forum or contact support? I mean theres tons of brilliant people here, but I doubt someone apart from sidefx has the latest source.
  3. Lens Shader lighting change

    If somebody could give me a hint which kind of Operator Type I should choose for a lens shader asset in h17.0.352 I would apprecialte that. I assume VEX / CEX Vop would be correct, but maybe its not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .
  4. Lens Shader lighting change

    Yea, I had issues running cvex shader builders from /mat context with geometry shaders as well. Rebuilt it in shops and it still produces false results, both using an Asset or a Snippet VOP inside the CVEX Shader Builder. The asad_lens I use as a reference works as intended... Lens_Shaders_v002.hiplc
  5. I'm trying to get into writing lens shaders. For some reason, when I apply the lens shader, the lighting changes as well. As you can see in the images this is more than just a gamma issue. Maybe I need to export some special variables for the shaders used in the pighead, or its another case of the '/shop to /mat context' transition not being fully complete? Lens_Shaders_v001.hiplc
  6. Baking Normal Distance to Zero Thickness

    I think its not so easy to do, since you'd have to find the mean surface first. Then project your mesh onto that which might not yield any hits along the normal. I tried hacking something together, maybe it helps you out a bit. Its far from perfect but might be a starting point. I'd really love to see how a pro would approach this. displace.hipnc
  7. bind vector array in shader

    Edit: Dammit, I uploaded the wrong scene..... I want to set point positions to a value from a vector array with a geometry shader. But somehow I cannot bind the vector array properly inside the shader, it will always return {0,0,0}. If I bind a vector directly it all works as expected, but I really need to pick my position vectors from an array. If you have time, please take a look at the attached example scene which illustrates the problem. array_cvex.hiplc
  8. Inside a material builder I would like to use the intersect() function. As I couldnt get it to work with the op:/obj/path_to_mesh syntax or any other way I was wondering if using intersect() is even possible in mat context? Also, is there a simple way to return the scene path to the geo the current sample belongs to?
  9. parameters not added with #pragma

    so it seems to me that this has been moved to the Input/Output section of the Operator Type Properties. You can hit the 'Create/Update Inputs From Parameters' option and hook that up with parameters inside a material builder node.
  10. I cant figure out how to get Houdini to add Parameters for arguments of my main function. My understanding is that: #pragma label test "Test" #pragma export test all cvex fun_ction(float test=1; export vector P=0) { P *= (vector)test; } should expose a float parameter labelled ''Test" to the UI. However, if I create a node with this definition there are no parameters added based on the code. I can add them manually in the Operator Type Properties but I would rather have them defined in VEX. Edit: It must have something to do with the mat context. Creating the asset in shop context in h16.5 works just fine. asset_param.hiplc
  11. Redshift stuck at 1/2 res

    oh my, I was looking for options on the IPR node itself, not for an IPR menu on the ROP node. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  12. So I'm playing around with redshift a bit and cant figure out why it keeps rendering at 1/2 the set resolution. The render cam is set properly in the Redshift_ROP and resolution override is disabled. Changing it to 'User specified Resolution' has no effect. Changing the camera specific resolution has an impact but the output res always remains at 1/2 of that value.
  13. particle question

    Here you go pcopen.hipnc
  14. particle question

    give the pcopen function a try! You can retrieve the position of each/the closest point that way and feed it into your goaldir var.