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  1. alembic objects into copy to points

    I think its this one:
  2. Realistic Mud with PBR & Mantra

    its probably the lighting and perspective you need to match more closely. The reflections in the reference look overcast, so try an overcast sky instead of your sunny one.
  3. HDRI render issues

    is it even emitting light or just visible to reflections tho? maybe the shaders have high reflection/low diffuse. hard to say without scene file.
  4. did you set the type in the bind export correctly? There is a setting to inherit it from the input value.
  5. If you could share the exr file it would be easier to troubleshoot. Looks like it would be a colorspace/gamma issue. Wtf is that filename btw
  6. Repulsionpak

    you could do that with 3d packing. They showcased that in the h17 launch presentation, its at minute 51:
  7. Render Smoke Question

    so you have image A and want image B? The main difference between the two seems to be the density of the smoke sim.
  8. Motion Blur pass with mantra issue

    iirc you will have to enable velocity blur on the geo, enable motion blur in the mantra rop and disable 'Allow image blur' v_pass.hiplc
  9. randomize density methods

    You could take a look at wedging: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/tops/wedge.html
  10. Seeking Solver Writing Advice

    I am not great at maths, but isnt 'accumulating' values in a solver node simply euler integration? Since your r depends on v and v depends on a which you are accumulationg, I'd say you are already using an integral to find the displacement. I'd love if someone confident in this matter could verify this.
  11. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    You have to make a watertight mesh that fits the hole like a plug. If you used a polyextrude, let it output the Sides Group, isolate those faces and polyfill that. Then create a vdbfrompoly, like in the attached file sdf.hiplc
  12. Delete grains from existing hole ?

    In your case, couldnt you just kill them if they hit a P.y threshold? Otherwise you could create an sdf for the hole and kill them inside a sopsolver if the volumesample() of the particles P is < 0
  13. Swap packed fragments via intrinsics

    Neat, exactly what I was looking for! I suppose there is no similar workflow to use with Packed Memory Primitives?
  14. cluster constraint

    Like this! Steven Knipping got a great series on Bullet / RBDs. Credits to him for the method showcased in the attached file. clustered_glue.hiplc