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  1. Create a bevel profile followin surface normal

    I dont know what to say) Looks perfect! Thank you!! Very Cool and clean!
  2. Create a bevel profile followin surface normal

    Sorry for that, will keep in mind about the scene Thax for help, but your solution working only with for sqare cross section frame, but i need it to be a custom shape coming from file. In 3d max i would get a spline border from glass and pass my custom cross section with the sweep, but it also has a wrong twist of cross section that not correctly following the glass so as i understand i need to try get this border spline but (dont know how) and try just sweep if it give me same wrong result , it need to transfer normals from polys of glass to spline segments of border, or made a custom rotation of each cross section with this normals. But i just have no idea how to realize it. Im really newbie in Houdini I ve attached my scene Ship.rar
  3. Hello, everybody I ve an issue with frame cockpit modeling I have a glass surface which has a complicated form and i need to create a frame for it, so frame cross section should following glass normal. I has a glass geometry coming from file (pic 1). And frame crosssection also coming from file. I can only load simple version of surface (without rows and cols) (pic2) and made something that im looking for (pic 3) but crossections are following sufrace not correctly that way. I dont understand how to create a path with normals from border of pic1 surface Thanx