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  1. what do you eat to be a vfxtd?

    Just eat the same thing every morning, and it'll be a tdous breakfast.
  2. Od Studios launch

    When the going gets weird, the pros turn Od. Best of luck!
  3. source flip fluid with velocity

    Oh, well as long as it's nice and easy now...
  4. Random link of interest

    Cheap home Motion Capture via unmodded Oculus Rift or HTC Vive with hand controllers. Some cute features, FBX export. https://www.liberty3d.com/Glycon/
  5. Learning Curve of Popular 3D Software

    It's missing the way Houdini gets easier to use with each iteration of the software, but jokes don't have to be perfectly true to be funny. #OverthinkingThis
  6. Get those permanent licenses while you've got the chance. That's an awesome toolset, and there's no reason to assume Adobe won't just 4E* it. *Embrace, Extend, Exploit, Extinguish
  7. Atom, that's something I need to grok as well. Thanks!
  8. [TOPEDIT] Not over-writing my own UVs downstream would have been useful... sorry! I can't see the "delete thread" button. Sorry if this is an agonizingly dumb question. I've brought in an OBJ with existing UV data, made a Vellum softbody from it and tossed it down a flight of stairs. Tee hee. What's a straightforward way for a relatively new user to copy UVs from the imported OBJ onto the Vellum output object so I can preserve the texture mapping? Thanks in advance.
  9. Maybe Houdini demo artists should start turning up with two-inch-thich desktop-replacement lapzillas, show up ready to do some simming. When you start to sim, trigger the fog machine to cause thick, white "coolant vapour" to spill from the laptop vents. I may be taking showmanship too far.
  10. Staying motivated

    Remind yourself what you're going to get to have at the end. Will it be a fireball, a water course, a shatter? Remind yourself that every task increases your understanding of some vital part of your art form, whether it's understanding the software, understanding the geometry being handled by any software, or growing your grasp of colour theory, composition or animation. Just like gym time, only you're working on your frontal lobes. You're spending time investing in yourself, making yourself a better artist. It's *you* time. Cherish it. And above all, remember to have fun. Whether it's the thrill of figuring out how to express your wishes as a function, or just the sheer messy spectacle of a massive, intricate explosion - enjoy it. And, you know. If your project isn't working, if it's fighting you, if understanding is hiding around the corner making rude noises... you can set light to everything on screen and watch it burn. So that's good, too. HTH
  11. FLip colliding with fast moving object

    If you're seeing your overall FLIP volume diminishing without it actually visibly leaking away, I'm having a similar issue. I'm mucking with particle reseeding, I think that may be a factor.
  12. Thanks! I'll see if I can get closer to where I need to be with this.
  13. Hi! First question here.... I've got a bunch of particles which are streaming from their emission, to a destination. I'm controlling them with a POP curve force. What I need the particles to do is emit density, but I need them to do so either based on speed (faster = more density emission) or on distance (starting a 0, ramping up to full emission as they reach the end of their course). I'm sure this should be straightforward, but I'm not sure how to convey my wishes to Houdini. Can anyone throw me a hint?