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  1. Thank you very much Mark. I checked out your file just now. It's exactly what I want. Wrangle node with VEX is really a powerful tool to make something reality. I will keep learning and practicing. Thanks for your time and effort again. Have a nice day bro.
  2. I'm learning Voronoi fracture these days. And I'm doing a wood-like fracture test tonight. But I can't do pinning the RBD fracture object to the ground and glued them together at the same time. My RBD fracture object starts jittering and fall down when I use the Glue adjacent shelf tool to glue them together. Very appreciated that you guys can share some ideas on how to do that. Thank you very much. Have a nice day. wood fracture.hipnc
  3. Set ActiveValue in a Packed Object

    Thank you very much bro. Saved me.