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  1. Motion vector not working

    Thank you Haggi, I was looking for the trail sop but forget the name.. Nems.
  2. Hi guys, I can't make motion vector working in my scene even with a wrangler point to activate it.. Any help? Thank you. MotionVector.hip
  3. Perfect Fencer!!! Thank u bro
  4. Hi guys, I'm using copy to point for architectural plan and I need my copied object always to perpendicular pointing to the inner side. Any help would be greatfull. Nemsi Copy2Point.hip
  5. points distance

    Hi Vicvvsh, it should be what i'm looking for. Thank you
  6. Hi guys, I'm a little lost on how to calculate distance between successive points (picture) of my floor mesh. I guess i have to use a "for each point" in Vex. This distance will help me to creat wall with the exact scale between angles. Thank you for your help.
  7. procedural tile bathroom

    Great!! I didn't get this simple way... Thank u fencer.
  8. procedural tile bathroom

    Hi guys, i would like to procedurally do this bathroom wall, but i'm stucked.. I used for each loop but i can't get random edge for each wall of the room.. Thank you for help.
  9. import iges cleaning

    Librarian, thank you for your help. It's in the good way but how could I get linear and point to point angles?.. Fuse doesn't help like I would like..
  10. import iges cleaning

    Of course Librarian!! thank you. trace.hip
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking a way to refine my trace node import (iges). Is there a way to keep point only at angle? to keep it clean when extruding.. Thank you for you help.
  12. bottle rotation, best approch

    some really interresting things there
  13. bottle rotation, best approch

    just watching the FX approch right now.. I wll take a look to your way! Thank you Librarian ;)i Edit : this last version will be the job!! Thank you for your time. Rotationtest_B.hip
  14. bottle rotation, best approch

    This is my attempt... seems to work. If there's a better way, I'm open to discussion Thank you Rotationtest.hip
  15. Hi guys, I'm wondering how to get the best approch for rotating a bottle on border and then stabilize in a realistic way? rotation slowly and then faster to then stibilyze.. Thank you for your help.