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  1. Hi admins, why not putting a Solaris section? There're so much questions about this new module.. Thank you.
  2. Hi Guys, i'm begining a project for this kind of technical screen, Can you explain the process please? Do I have to bake the screen (2 screens for angular LCD) like it's explained here? https://www.adhaiwell.com/what-is-really-3d-led-display.html Thank you.
  3. Hi Guys, Happy New year to all of you, wish you the best for 2022!! I need to do content for this kind of technical screen, any idees? not really clear... https://www.adhaiwell.com/what-is-really-3d-led-display.html Thank you.
  4. Thank you very much Flcc!!! That should do the work.
  5. Hi Flcc, what i'm looking for is to get roating instances that get stopped smoothly in an area zone. I guess attribute transfer was the best start to get the area zone. The main problem is to interact with a rotating instance to make it slow till it stop when in the area.. many way to do it i guess but i cant get the right one Thank you.
  6. Hi Flcc, thank you for taking time with my problem. Dealing with rotation in houdini is really headek!! It needs more tweeking/work to get something soft I agree. Your exemple seems to be the same as mine no? I can get the difference..
  7. What I get is just crazzy rotation...
  8. Hi guys, i'm stuck on this stuf.. I would like to stop instance from rotating (with fade) with attribute transfer. Any help would be appreciate. N. Orient_fading.hip
  9. Too heavy for copystamp

    Found!!! I forgot to activate sop instancing for RS.. My bad!
  10. Too heavy for copystamp

    Found the way to use For each. Will see if it's lighter. Copy_ForEach.hip
  11. Hi guys, I need help about optimizing my scene. I use a copystamp with offset attribute to instance animated object. all is fine with less than 100 object but i need to increase to about 1500 object and then i can't render.. How could I convert this kind of setup with vex approch or toher to light and render my scene? Thank you for helping. N. CopyStamp.hip
  12. Hi Toadstorm, is something missing? i can't get it work... Strange edit : It was missing material style sheet ovveride, it's ok now Thank you