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  1. Thank u Noobini edit : I even found this post you did Noobini, it's really what I'm looking for!! Big Thank u!!!!!
  2. Hi guys, I would like to animate an object, a chain production like in factory, i tryed with wrangler approch but i'm stucked.. Thank u for helping.
  3. Best way for Air buble in bottle

    Hi Guys, thank you for your help. This is my scene for now : Sim_AirFlacon.hip
  4. Hy guys, I would like to simulate an air bubble inside a rotating bottle.. Results with vellum are not successfull.. Any hint? Thank you.
  5. Point selection one in two

    My objectiv is to get this kind of pattern.. Strange.. '@ptnum+0)%2==0 with delet group seems to do the work...
  6. Hi guys, I can't get solution although it seems easy.. I would like to select point one on two but even with '(@ptnum+0)%2==0' (for odd id) or 'grouperange' sop I can't get the result i want.. (picture) Can someone show me the way? Thank you Nems.
  7. Accurated mix colors in Flip

    Hi, work in progress, still need some jitter in particles and some strange flashes at some frames.. I have to check why... testNailPolishtextured.mp4
  8. Accurated mix colors in Flip

    This article is not free... bad I'm working on this kind of effect, i will post my work.
  9. nail polish texture

    Hi Konstantin, thank you it's exactly what can helps me!!!! Best Regards. Nems
  10. nail polish texture

    Hi Guys, I would like to get this kind of result with curl noise and then animate it. I began with scattering point on grid then add attribfromMap but realise that my color will not follow beacause it should be created at noise vop.. Thank you for help. https://www.123rf.com/photo_28311864_nail-polish-texture.html
  11. You're welcome Rodmac!!
  12. Hi guys, I would like to scatter points with a kind of pattern (picture attached). How could I get this way? Thank u.
  13. Hi guys, I can't make this usefull script from Juraj Tomori working.. I've copied it in my Houdini 17.5 folder but no success.. https://jurajtomori.wordpress.com/2018/05/24/houdini-tip-open-parameter-path-in-file-browser/ Thank you
  14. how to loop particles emission

    Hi guys, I would like to loop pop particles emission from frame 1 to 250, is there some options to help this way? Thank you.