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  1. Best way to modelise Microscopic Hair

    Hi Librarian, interresting way too!!! I'm using Redshift and get the work done with for each copy. Thank you
  2. Best way to modelise Microscopic Hair

    Hi Konstantin, great way!!! Thank you
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking to get the best way to realise this kind of pic in a realistic way.. My scene is not bad but begin to be heavy.. maybe an other way?. https://www.istockphoto.com/fr/photo/cheveux-sous-microscope-gm497686734-79258025 Thank you for help Cheveux.hip
  4. Animated Wedge Attribute

    ok I see I will check if I get a way
  5. Animated Wedge Attribute

    why keyframing wedge value?
  6. parametric old ceramic

    Interresting Librarian!! Can you share a scene maybe? Thank you.
  7. You have two buttons in 3D view - Display light guides - Display Camera guides
  8. parametric old ceramic

    Hi dyei nightmare, thank you for taking time My goal is just to creat procedural for rendering, no RBD for this. Texture didn't give me enough flexibilities.. Your exemple seems to be the good way!!! Thank you
  9. Hi guys, I would like to create a parametric texture as the old ceramic pottery and was wondering what could be the better way.. I know Veronoi fracture but the pattern is not as the same as this one. Thank you for help https://stock.adobe.com/fr/images/cracked-texture-of-old-ceramic-pottery/86450673?
  10. Fiber DNA

    Hi guys, thank you for your proposals!! I getted the DNA shape, what makes me stuck is how to get a more elaborate intersection between the middle stages and the 2 DNA branch.. I need to feel this two intricated, not just placed as a simple stage.. Sorry to bother Thank you
  11. Fiber DNA

    Hi Guys, I'm stuck doing this stuff, I would like to make a DNA based on fiber/curves like in the picture The 2 branchs and every step in the middle are noisy fiber.. I getted the DNA but can't get the way for the middle steps.. Any help would be appreciate. Thank you.
  12. Hi admins, why not putting a Solaris section? There're so much questions about this new module.. Thank you.
  13. Hi Guys, i'm begining a project for this kind of technical screen, Can you explain the process please? Do I have to bake the screen (2 screens for angular LCD) like it's explained here? https://www.adhaiwell.com/what-is-really-3d-led-display.html Thank you.