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  1. Too heavy for copystamp

    Found!!! I forgot to activate sop instancing for RS.. My bad!
  2. Too heavy for copystamp

    Found the way to use For each. Will see if it's lighter. Copy_ForEach.hip
  3. Hi guys, I need help about optimizing my scene. I use a copystamp with offset attribute to instance animated object. all is fine with less than 100 object but i need to increase to about 1500 object and then i can't render.. How could I convert this kind of setup with vex approch or toher to light and render my scene? Thank you for helping. N. CopyStamp.hip
  4. Hi Toadstorm, is something missing? i can't get it work... Strange edit : It was missing material style sheet ovveride, it's ok now Thank you
  5. Thank you Toadstorm, I will check it tomorow at work
  6. This is a variant one (instance) without luck too... Wall_paper_03.hip
  7. Hi Guys, I can't get this simple exemple of texture Path getting @ptnum value from a copystamp, working.. Any help would be great. Thank you. N. CopyStamp_texturePath.zip
  8. Hi Fenolis, I knew about this page. Thank you I got my answer here . https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/79488/?page=1#post-341681
  9. any help? :/
  10. Hi guys, I have a tricky question about the Houdini FX vs Core licences. I do understand the differences between the two licences, but on the Side FX website, there is a mention that isn't clear: "Houdini Core is ideal for modelers, lighters, character riggers and animators to use on its own or as a layout and lighting tool for visual effects created in Houdini FX." Does that mean that I can buy a Core and a FX and render a FX scene on a Core licence ? Does the Core version understand the FX scene, load it, and render it without the possibility to edit of course the content ? Any clarification on the subject of what can render a Core version from a FX scene would be great, because it's not the same price...I do need to optimize the cost and i need to know if my core license can render a FX scene without changing the setup. Thank you.
  11. deform area with pathdeform

    Hi Aizatulin, it seems exactly what I need!! Thank you very much
  12. Hi guys, I would like to get a way to add more deform to a ribbon. Pathdeform is helping but I would like to add some area to rotate my ribbon. I tried "attribute transfer" to rotate @N without succes.. Any help would be appreciate. Thank you.
  13. Thank you Librarian
  14. Librarian, can you make a snapshot of your nodes because I think it miss some.. I wil be able to recreat if so. Thank you.
  15. Interresting Librarian!! I will take a look. Thank you.