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  1. creating condensation or water droplets

    great scene!!! Thank you Tushar
  2. A tool like Neatscatter

    Hi Chris, will take a look
  3. A tool like Neatscatter

    Hi guys, Does something like https://neatscatter.com/ exist with Houdini? this tool deal really fine with space between drops/particles without intersecting and give a natural feel.. Thank you.
  4. Hi Guys, I need some help to guide me in the way to do this kind of effect. Geometric object fly from left (fade or scale from zero) to right to construct like a tetris effect. Thank you for your help.
  5. Particles emitting from object following path

    sorry for the noise.. I found
  6. Hi guys, I can't make this work and didn't find why.. I have an object animated with a path curve and the particles doesn't follow my object.. Any hint? Thank you. PArticleObjectPath.hip
  7. Pscale increase with age not working

    Thank you Ejr32123 it's perfect!!! sorry for the late answer..
  8. Pscale increase with age not working

    Excellent!! a wrangler with one line and all is good!! Last question which attribute to use to make the particles stop sizing and rotating when they hit the floor? Best Regards.
  9. Pscale increase with age not working

    Hi Evan, any help about how to increase size with age, because I can't make it work...
  10. Hi, I get some problem with my scene, I can't get may particles to increase their size with age.. @age seems to always be equal to 0 and don't really know why.. Any help would be welcome. PArticles.hip
  11. Hi guys, I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong.. As you can see on my pictures I want to rigg a branch of flowers but always end with numerical error when capturing geometry.. Is my setup for my scene ok? PS : I can't share my scene because of NDA... Thank you for help. Nems.
  12. maybe converting its to UDIM files could help... exemple : u1.1001.jpg u1.1002.jpg... and so on..
  13. Hi guys, Can someone share knowledge for creating a script button that load RS rope, a RSdomelight (or RSarealight) and a camera. I'm just spending time over an over when begining a new scene.. Thank u for your help.
  14. Subway wall

    Thanks you Kiryha, exactly what i'm looking for.. Thank u too Jamesr for your interrest!