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  1. Fluid sim shading problem

    I'm trying to create a shader for my honey sim, as normally i would expect the thicker area to be darker color but because i'm transferring the particles into Vdb there is no information inside the mesh and it looks to bright. Anyone knows how can i fix that?
  2. Feedback on FX Showreel

    Hi there! I just finished my second year and here is some of the Fx work that i produced. I'm looking to get an internship this summer but i need to fix some stuff and also add new things. I'm asking how can i make this reel better? Any suggestions appreciated!
  3. Connecting upres pieces to sim

  4. Connecting upres pieces to sim

    Hi everyone! I'm finishing up my 2nd year project. So i upresed my destruction simulation then imported the pieces back and connected it by caching the geometry points.(Incase if i couldn't explained properly i attached the project file) The problem is after this method the pieces of the building started behaving like this cartoony weird thing. I also cached the full sim without upres and it just works fine so the problem is happening because of the way that i'm importing the upres pieces and connecting it to the points i believe. Video of the problem: If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it! DestructionSim_Problem_ODForce.hipnc
  5. Explosion in Farm Rendering

    Tiled rendering rocks! Technically it's taking more time to render in total but sure worked for me to cheat the farm limit time. Thanks a lot! You're right, i'm still trying to learn how to use Mantra properly. I used your advice + tiled rendering into 4 pieces. Now i get about 30-45 mins per frame. Thanks for the help!
  6. Explosion in Farm Rendering

    Hi everyone! I'm here with another rookie question (drum roll) I"m working on my 2nd year project. I attached my project file, the problem is i have both my destruction and explosion simulations cached. But when i upressed and textured after that, it slowed down crazily. I'm using my university's render farm and my renders are taking an hour per frame! (Which we can't render anything that takes more then an hour per frame, it automatically fails) Any suggestions how i can lower down the render time or is there smarter way to approach this upres and texturing than i did as i don't really feel like i did it the right way. Thank you for reading, i'll continue crying in the corner until someone replies.... DESTRUCTION_RENDERS.hipnc
  7. Slow motion explosion

    I just want to mention that i was checking some of your tutorials today as well :) That was all i needed sir. Thanks a lot!
  8. Slow motion explosion

    Hi everyone, I`m currently working on my 2nd year university project. I have 3 buildings exploding together somehow i managed to get that bit in slow motion by using timewarp right after the dop network. (Don`t think if that was the right way anyways). However the same method is not working with pyro explosion sim. I have the sim ready but i need to make it 4 times slower than it is. I`ve been struggling for a while so really appreciate some suggestions. Thanks.