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  1. Particle sim velocity problem

    Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn't make it clear enough, I'm actually trying to add debris and bubbles on a ripple grid surface and interact them with ripples. So I need to move the existing scattered points with velocity attribute without emitting any new points. From the attached gif you can see it's not interacting much at the moment with the debris.
  2. Particle sim velocity problem

    Hi, I'm trying to scatter points onto a ripple sim grid and slide them on the surface with velocity attribute. But points are only getting affected on the first frame and not continuously. I attached the simplified setup to demonstrate the issue, any help would be much appreciated! OdForceParticleSim.hipnc
  3. Can't export mesh to Maya with UV

    Legend!!!! Thanks a lot, Milad! That solved the issue, LIFE SAVER
  4. Can't export mesh to Maya with UV

    Yes I do, UVs are showing up there, but when I hit render I get that error from Arnold
  5. Can't export mesh to Maya with UV

    Oh I'm using education license not apprentice
  6. Hi I'm trying to export a mesh with UV attribute with rop alembic export, but when I import it into Maya I am getting this error from Arnold '// Error: [polymesh] /geo1/uvunwrap1: incorrectly defined UV coordinates, missing either uvlist or uvidxs' In Maya, I can see that UV's are there though and it works when exported as obj, but I can't use that in order to get motion blur. Is there any other way I can export the sequence or anyone can let me know how can I fix this? I attached an example file. Any help would be much appreciated! ODforce_UVproblem.hipnc
  7. Help with ice fracturing

    Hello I'm trying to create ice breaking effect. Here is the reference: And after few attempts this is where i got so far but it doesn't really look organic as needed. Pw: ice Any suggestions how to make it look more organic and closer to the reference?
  8. Floating animated character on Flip

    That is beautiful
  9. Floating animated character on Flip

    This is the tool that I've been working on before I saw your comments; This version I was using the geometry noise, but just tested it out with ripple solver definitely gives it more natural look so I will transfer to that. At the moment my main issue is figuring out how to bend only the front side of the water around my object like this; Currently I'm transferring P attribute on to the grid and it's not really bending like that, any suggestions?
  10. Floating animated character on Flip

    Of course Entagma got it I completely missed this one. So far I was using geometry noise based on Impact points but this way seems much better, I will definitely change my current set-up to ripple solver Thank a lot! I'm trying to replicate this reference video as realistic as possible, I think vellum and ripple solver combined together should do the job. I'll give it a try thank you
  11. Floating animated character on Flip

    Hi I'm currently working on a scene where a tiny lizards jumps and starts walking on the water, Reference: https://youtu.be/M6UsKJUmq2A?t=102 (1:42) The Lizard is about 2cm so the scale is really small. I also came across to Johnny Farmfield's setup for collision ripples(https://vimeo.com/301863777) but I'm not so sure whether or not something like this would work better with Flip sim. Any suggestions approaching this sort of effect?
  12. RBD Collision Problem

    Hi everyone! I came across this "Emit packed prims into RBD sim" setup, but when i connect the sim to a collision object which is RBD Packed static object in this case, the emitted objects gets stuck to eachother any doesn't move properly. Any idea how can i fix this issue? I also attached the file, Thanks for checking Emit_packed_rbd_CollisionProblem.hipnc
  13. Houdini engine smoke

    Hi everyone, So I've been trying to add some more noise to the particles in order to achieve a natural look for my engine fire. But I'm not satisfied with the look I'm getting at the moment... Here is the quick render of what I got; And here is a reference from ILP's work for Lost in Space; (And here is the link for the video; https://vimeo.com/312536986 - 0:27) Any suggestion how can I achieve a similar look on my sim? (PLEASE HELP I'M DYING INSIDE) I also attached my project file if anyone wants to take a look at it. Thanks, Osmaner. OdForce_EngineSetup.hipnc
  14. Hi magicians, I'm trying to import an animated alembic geometry from Maya to Houdini, then parent my fire sim onto the moving geometry. I've tried connecting nodes together but it doesn't move the Houdini geo. Any suggestions about how can I parent them together?
  15. Houdini engine smoke

    Thank you so much for your help and taking your time for this, sir! The only thing is that on the geometry there will be about 15 of these boosters in different locations, and it would be preferable to simulate them bit different than some others. From this method the only idea I have is that simulating few variances and placing into their location manually, I'm wondering if there would there be a procedural way of doing this? And also I've tried multiplying v but motion blur seems to be still not changing at all, could it be that I'm using lines to create the shape rather than particles?