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  1. Hey Kaloyan, Thanks for this, it's really great and has been bugging me for a while. Would you have any ideas why when i import a .obj file I exported from another Houdini file it wouldn't work ? it works fine on the test geos pig and squab as per your video Thanks again! B
  2. Hi All, Firstly I apologise if the following is tedious, I am totally new to the forum and happy to take suggestions for other places for these kinds of queries but....... I am looking to invest up to £4000 in a new desktop PC ( Tower only) and was wondering if somebody would be able to help me understand what things are important for allowing it to process houdini quicker? (Sorry I am embarrassingly novice when it comes to these matters) I don't want to overspend if i don't have to, for example, what is the difference between a 3k pc and a 4k pc really? I have in the past bought from PCspecialist but I am more than open to other companies. I would also consider trying to build it myself if I had the correct guidance with online tutorials etc. Thanks in advance for any advice Best, Barry
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