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  1. gas calculate vs dissipate

    Hello everybody, I work on Houdini indie 18 and I am facing a weird issue on my smokesolver sim. I have a basic sphere emiting smoke. micro solvers : -I create a new velocity2 field -than a volumevop. I bind import my new velocity2 field to affect the smoke vel with a turbulence(multiply) -> bind export -add a gas calculate My smoke sim now dissipate while playing. why? Is there a link between the gas calculate and dissipation ? thank you with gas calculate you can notice some dissipation in the density without gas calculate (no noise on density) no dissipation
  2. Dust particles ground

    Hii, I am trying to create a simple close up ground filled with dust, this is the type of Real dust i want to create . like in toy story I created a deformed curve that I scatter everywhere but with every random expression on scale/size/rotation the scene take a lot of time to cook. I don't like the hair, the dust don't look fluffy, i am affraid to have to increase the amount of particles again, is there a better way to do this maybe ? was thinking scattering sphere + isooffset. I don't know Houdini very well yet. I dont know wich deformer is nice to fake hairs :). I just use mountain everytime thanks you for your feedbacks
  3. Smoke density based on ramp

    Hi DonRomano, this is what i want to do. multiply the density base on my color of the emitter(black to white). I dont know how to do it
  4. Smoke density based on ramp

    Hi everybody, I am new to houdini and i am already scared. I know how to emit pyro from colors by using ramp than a delete node with a $CR < 0.1/.5/.8. on my emitter it work but i want to control the "density" of the emission based on the gray level of my ramp/paint node. Meaning white zone = 100% emission dark zone = 0% thanks you
  5. Flip vs scale vs collision

    Hi people, I want to create a simple apple who drop into a water flip tank. -1 square in Houdini flip is 1 meter so i tried to make a realworld scale apple but it dont work at all my apple bouncing back violently from the water. Any suggestions please ? i tryed to flip sovler -> volume motion -> solver -> feedback scale to 1 but it dont seem to work Houdini 16.5.268