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  1. - Hello everyone im trying to render pyro sim in maya and the problem is fire doesn't appear, instead it show blocky voxel like in the render my setup was : created pyro sim from shelf (Exploison) exporting the sim after converting it to vdb, load in maya via arnold volume (grid density) added aiStandard to the volume, than aiStandardVolume to shading group (in this stat only smoke is visible) So when i try to make emission type "channel" and the channel heat i get this blocky voxel issue Thank you
  2. White water Foam Stick in air

    Hello, everyone - I'm making a flip simulation , created manually than i tried to add white water from the shelf tool and i had a problem with that, So i created a white water from shelf in another project, see how it works , and recreated it in my project and THE PROBLEM IS foam sticking in air . i've attached projectfile THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANSWERS . Flip_and_whitewater.hip