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  1. Red Dynamic

    Hi all, here is my first work with dynamics, we just went into it, great! i really like it anyway, this shot is mainly a rethinking of a domino; with a big fake because the activation of each piece is animated over time; the l-system is partitioned and imported as a fractured object in DOPS; after partitioning, in SOPS level, I converted each piece with the copy-loop in NURBS, to have smooth edges; the rendering is done with 4 passes: . occlusion . reddish reflection . withish reflections (thanks to P. Debevec for the HDRI images!) . red environment for every pass I used really simple vops network; occlusion node, reflection node and ramp node; no lighting model at all http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_07_00-41-03.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_07_00-42-10.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_07_00-43-17.jpg for the animation: http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar (200MB) - mov http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar (42MB) - wmv ...render times no comment it seems i have a big issue with this :-) Bye! Andrea
  2. Houdini Apprentice Hd: No More Watermark!!

    Just got it :-) AMAZING!!!
  3. My First Houdini Reel

    Hi! it's a while i'm not posting on the forum, i had to finish some free lance jobs....in maya so, in the following links you can download my reel, I thank all of you that gave me really important advises; this is a great forum! And definetly, if you are reading thanks Ray!! you teached us amazing stuff! I still have to produce (and I'll do it) a lot of shots using those techniques!! but, if i'll find a job as a Houdini Artist before it should be better Any question is more than welcome, and obviously all kind of advises too! Cheers! Andrea Andrea Arghinenti 3DArtist - Character TD (reel 2007) http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar .mov (200MB) http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar .wmv (50MB) n.b.: shot breakdown included in the rar file (images) http://www.3dartist.it/img/img.rar (www) http://www.3dartist.it (mail) andrea.arghinenti@3dartist.it (linkedIn) http://www.linkedin.com/in/aarghinenti
  4. Hi all! I was wondering if some of you has any suggestion for rendering at a higher resolution, for print publishing purposes; I'm trying the camera resolution presets over HD but i get a blank file after waiting for a while. So i guess mantra is doing something but then it stops when it has to write the image. Then if I'm trying with PAL or less it works normally. Is it a memory problem? I already used the rendering options in maya to split the image in smaller tiles so they render separately. Is there in mantra something similar? Thanks for any kind of suggestion :-) Cheers Andrea p.s.: the resolution i have to reach is 8125x10625, to get an image size of 1950x2550 at a resolution of 300dpi
  5. Rendering For Print Publishing

    Hi! sorry for the delay, it took me a while :-) Really thanks for the advises, i got the images; I changed the file format in exr and rendered cropping the image; then assembled in photoshop here are a couple of stills www.3dartist.it/print/still_ocean_11.hip.0067_1950x2550_04_print_B_01_lens_ctr_site.jpg www.3dartist.it/print/still_ocean_11.hip.0067_1950x2550_04_print_A_site.jpg Cheers! Andrea
  6. Rendering For Print Publishing

    Hi! ok, so, at the moment, I'm still at the VFS completing the Houdini program. here we use the 8.1.874 build ; I was wandering that maybe it's an educational version and so it doesn't allow for high high res renderings; I will check it tomorrow! (actually at the moment i can render until HD, then, over it simply stops) for resolutions higher than HD mantra seems to start normally, then it simply stops; looking at the system monitor, it dies too, after using 1.9GB of RAM (we have 2GB on a linux system) and part of the swap (1.2GB of 3.9GB); I set up the mantra render command as follow: mantra -s 2 -Va but I'm not seeing any kind of information about tiles on the terminal window. I think it's stopping just before to start writing the image. Actually if I try to open the file just produced with gimp, it is simply an empty file, with no header at all, so it's totally 0 bytes maybe because I'm using a lot of displacement and some reflections ...?
  7. Animating Wires

    Hi! i think that what you need is basically a rig; I would approach such a set-up by basically using a blend shape technique switching from a dynamic tentacle and a rigged one; so when you need to animate it by hand you just animate the transition and then the controls you put to drive the rig; then it depends a lot on the final look you want to achieve, let's say for the tentacles of the Pirates(:-) ) I think they used a way more advanced technique, does anybody of the guys here worked on?, maybe some advise from them should be great Cheers! Andrea
  8. Hi all! this morning i started to check out the proto fur SOP for Houdini 8.1; i found a great resource on side effects forum done by Wolfwood; i downloaded his file and everything seems clear. But, when i started creating a different network to simply put fur on a grid i get a permanent error on the fur sop; i tried to get the same attributes, i copied and pasted the original nodes, under the same object node, in the same file provided by Wolfwood, and nothing. Does anybody can help me to figure out what is going on? Thanks! Andrea furball_150_mod.rar
  9. Prot Fur Sop

    Hi! sorry for the delay! busy days thanks a lot for all the informations, really clear and useful! i saved the post :-) reading the other thread, i understood why you used the rot attribute; looking at the help i did not found it, so I thought it was a substitute of the orient one; i also finished my first attempt using fur www.3dartist.it/wip/jaw_comp_02.0169.jpg www.3dartist.it/wip/jaw_comp_02.mov i attached and painted (randomly) the fur; i just rendered out a little sequence (sorry for the animation, i did it 3 years ago, and it sucks ) it was just to render moving fur and see how much it flickers etc.. i used pretty high sampling values (6 6) thanks for the help Cheers! Andrea
  10. Prot Fur Sop

    Hi! sorry for the delay, busy days! really interesting and I have some questions :-) so, the rot attribute you created in your ball scene is the orient one? I tried to rename it and it orients all the fur guides of the fur; the orient attribute is a quaternion, so 4 dimensions attribute; what is the best way to define it? I saw you used the function matrixtoquad, is it a common workflow or a specific need for that scene? to do the changing of the orientation in your last images did you set up the orient attribute as a point attribute? Thanks a lot! Andrea p.s.: i fixed the normal pass, yes i did not normalized:-) !
  11. Flowersos Difussos

    Great, really nice!! and all the details are amazing; is it all a single l-system then shaded (How? :-) ) or is it a combination of l-system and other geometries as a leafs? A.
  12. Prot Fur Sop

    Great! thanks a lot now I see, I tought fur was redered as a geometry during render time; Now I'll dive into both the hair shader and the hair VOPs node; I'm doing the first test and it's working fine :-) Thanks! Andrea
  13. Prot Fur Sop

    Hello! i applied fur on a character I did 3 years ago, and i got these results; http://www.3dartist.it/wip/jaw_05_A.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/jaw_05_B.jpg I used 3 points lights casting Z-depth shadows; the color of the fur is done in the sop network; so I just applied a simple lighting model shader, and on the diffuse, i plugged the color took from the sop network. But, when i started lighting, i had some weird problems; it seems that the shading was exactly at the opposite side of where it should be; so i just did a simple normal pass, and i got these results: http://www.3dartist.it/wip/jaw_06_normal_fur.jpg and i think I have a problem; the fur seems not to have any normal value; is it correct? or I should have a different result? I think I'm missing something Any suggestion is more than welcome! Thanks! Andrea p.s.: I'm using the proto fur sop for Houdini 8.1
  14. Prot Fur Sop

    oh yes, you are right! the clumping attributes in the Wolfwood file are vertex and primitive attributes: so, for the clump geometry: . vertex attributes clumppercent . primitive attributes clumporigin clumpradius all the other (for rest and guide geometry) seem to be point attributes Cheers! Andrea
  15. Prot Fur Sop

    i found out the read-me file and we can say that the attributes needed are: for Guides: -Cd -width -> for what I see those are not mandatory for the fur it-self, but fundamentals to render lines for rest skin geometry: -furdensity -furangle -furkink -furrandomscale for the clump geometry: -clumppercent -clumporigin -clumpradius Thanks! and see you soon with some furry images :-) A.
  16. Prot Fur Sop

    Thanks a lot! now I see the meaning of one of the options during the installation process: view the read-me file :-) Cheers! Andrea
  17. Prot Fur Sop

    Thanks a lot! I removed the scatter from the guides network and it works perfectly, interesting! At the moment I'm running the 8.1.874 version, I still did not try the 8.2 version, i will do it soon :-) I was also wandering, wath are the "must have" attributes to make fur works? in the Wolfwood file i can list the following: for Guides: . point attributes: uv Cd width for rest skin geometry: . point attributes: N up rotation furdensity furangle furkink furrandomscale . vertex attributes uv . primitive attributes area for the clump geometry: . vertex attributes uv clumppercent . primitive attributes clumporigin clumpradius Are all those attributes all strictly necesserary, and of the same type (for example, the uv are vertex attributes instead of point attributes)? then there is a detail attribute common to every branch of the network: varmap. is this created automatically by Houdini? Thanks a lot for the help! Andrea
  18. "tornado" In The City

    Nice work! i like a lot the sky, it looks really "dangerous";
  19. Particle Party

    Hi all! here is a work i did some weeks ago; it's a series of explosions done only with particles; the fake city it's done with a digital asset I did, i called it the extruder, and basically it helps to build up iterations of the same procedure, in this case the extrusion; here is the city extruded; starting from a grid http://www.3dartist.it/wip/extruder_02.jpg here are some images showing the network both in houdini and nuke: http://www.3dartist.it/wip/extruder_wip.rar then i attached a particle system to each primitive, and with 3 boxes falling down from the sky i faked the explosions (grouping by bounding box); the big glowing effects are done in Nuke :-) (...camara shake done by hand in after effects); http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_03_01-22-07.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_03_01-25-04.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_03_01-27-21.jpg for the animation: (sorry it's in the reel, i didn't a separate file) http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar (189MB) - mov http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar (42MB) - wmv Every comment is more than welcome Greetings! Andrea
  20. Particle Party

    Hi all, yes sorry, my fault, i updated the reel and it took me a lot of time; now should work fine. anyway now i'm converting it in H.264 to take less space and time :-) Bye! A
  21. Hi all! here are two still images i did in the last weeks; i will use them for later particle and dynamics stuff; any advise as usual is more than welcome :-) cigarette: http://www.3dartist.it/wip/cigarette.jpg for this image i can't get rid of the extremely dark edge of the ashtrasher; i used a VEX glass shader; and i put a sphere environment in the scene to prevent any black reflection, but... still there! I turned off the micropolygon rendering and i set up both reflections and refractions up to 8 for the ash trasher only; do you think i have to increase these values? I'm already around 8h of rendering...it seems to me to much; ? http://www.3dartist.it/wip/clock.jpg for this image i tried an HDRI image... after 24h i stopped the rendering (it was still far away from finishing); then i lower down the render times to 8h, using the HDRI only for the background and a light set up with deep map shadows for the clock; also for this image i turned off the micropolygon rendering, and increased the level of detail up to 3...and i can't still get rid of little artifacts on the inner metal objects; ? Are these render times usual? i know that i can always pre-calculate shadows and/or bake textures; but i was wandering if there is any kind of settings I'm missing; and finally, what about caustics? did anybody use them in Houdini? Thanks for any advise and Greetings from Vancouver BC! :-) Andrea
  22. Hi! I finally added particles both to the clock and the cigarette; here are the results; for the ash tray i did a drop done with a particle simulation and rendered with metaballs; any suggestion is always welcome! Especially for the metaballs, is there a way to stretch them based on the direction? At the end of the simulation they pop a little bit because the particles are getting far from each other so the mesh is not continuous; clock + crack http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_05_01-10-18.jpg ash tray + drop and smoke http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_05_01-45-23.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_05_01-46-22.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_05_01-49-14.jpg to see the animation: (sorry it's in the reel, i didn't a separate file) http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar (189MB) - mov http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar (42MB) - wmv p.s.: the ash tray is at 1:42 the clock is at 1:06 Greetings from Vancouver! Andrea
  23. Hi!, my name is Andrea, i'm currently living in Vancouver BC, Canada taking the Houdini program at VFS; here are some of my first works in Houdini; a planet and an ocean landscape; all comments and suggestion are welcome! direct link to the .wmv file http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.rar http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_01_00-09-09.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/planet.rar http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_01_00-41-03.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/landscape.rar
  24. Hi! finally, here is the updated image of the planet; with a new look for the inner globe http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_02_00-24-17.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_02_00-18-04.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/AA_2007_02_00-21-07.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/video/AA_2007.mov.rar Bye! Andrea p.s.: the next step will be to put a nebula like background :-)
  25. Hi all! i'm back :-) thanks for the replies! i did some test and here are the results: the cigarette: http://www.3dartist.it/wip/cigarette_eta_1.2.jpg it's strange Peter, because actually i already had a sphere mapped with a landscape texture; but now i tried with another eta value of 1.2 and it works for the top part of the ash trasher but not for the bottom; so in this image, at the end, i did a mix of both; normally i don't like to do this things but in this case it will be a static shot so it's like a matte painting :-) I also tried to set-up a lower value of the level of detail, and it works, but just because it will be a static shot i still used a high value the clock http://www.3dartist.it/wip/clock_2_tech.jpg http://www.3dartist.it/wip/clock_2.jpg I did the convolution and also reduced the size; and for the wall i like the new smoothed shadow, and also the new tint; i think it's more fine tunable; and also the render times went down; Then I decreased the level of detail but i got some artifacts; in the first image you can see the image just rendered, with the artifacts; the second one it's the image comp together with the previous one for Jordan: the size of the map i used the first time was the original one from the debevec site(768x1024); then i scaled it down to 192x256 Bye! Andrea p.s.: i hope to be able to post as soon as possible the particles for the cigarette :-)