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  1. Split Curve Trail decay

    @Librarian Maybe I will also write about intersections someday, but not ready yet... If you often deal with curves, AeLib from Nick Taylor would be a great help (in case you missed it). I really got inspired from the toolset and how those were made. https://vimeo.com/204258764 https://github.com/Aeoll/Aelib
  2. Split Curve Trail decay

    I'm sorry my explanation in the page wasn't enough, I just couldn't imagine someone actually try to implement this... Those texts were there just to share some concepts. My original piece was made with bunch of custom VEX of bezier manipulations (which is ugly), but here I made a simple one for "02. TREAT AS PARTICLES". Hope this helps. bezier_decay.hiplc
  3. Houdini 2D Dynamics

    I am interested in this too...