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  1. Banana Joe limbs

    Question, I'm trying to make a cartoon character with curved arms. The same like Banana Joe in Amazing World of Gumball. In this tutorial for 4CD, they control the NURBS CURVE with the Joint Tool. I thinks this really smart when you want to animated a walk cycle using joints, but still having cartoon spaghetti like limbs. In Houdini I can't control the NURBS Curve with the Joints Tool, because the NURBS CURVE works only in the Geometry note and the Joint Tool not. I tried to extract the Joint Transformation (copy parameters) to control every point position of the NURBS Curve, but this does not work, because Joints are children and children don't show any change in value, when they are animated. I'm super tired, so maybe I'm over looking something really simple. So if you can help please drop a comment.
  2. Trigger an animation

    Hey ashwinsareen_3009, thx for the quick reply. I understand what your saying, but I just don't understand how I can play the animation on demand. I believe I need some sort of vex code or vop setup to trigger the animation, but I just know where to start looking for the right information. If you or somebody else can find the time, I made a quick setup up. This is the last piece I need for a project, or everything will be for nothing. A bit dramatic I konw, but it would be really nice if this can be solved. TriggerAnimation.hip
  3. Trigger an animation

    Hey, Can somebody please help me. I'm having this problem for a while now. I believe its very simple, but my knowledge is still a bit limited and I can find the right information online, or in the Houdini guide. So, I have a point moving and an animated sphere and I like trigger the animation of the sphere when the point moves through a Bounding Box. How would I tell the sphere to animate when the point enters the bounding box? It needs to be some kind of on switch, for the sphere to animate.