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  1. Thanks for your help Atom, I guess you reffer to the "* ^" with 'wild card' (sorry I'm not too familiar with coding language conventions), anyways, I do require the use of it for what I'm doing, this is just a simple file to demonstrate the issue I have. As for the same groups on opposing geometries, that was intentional, probably should've named them more appropriately(already fixed in the file I upload now). Basically I need the green and blue cloth to only collide with objects that have the same group name and ignore all the other groups (I'm running this in for each loop on multiple objects on my main setup, so can't specify this manually like you did). coll_ignore.hiplc
  2. Hi I'm currently following the vellum docs for using the collisionignore and collisiongroup string attributes. Everyrthing works fine when I specify the collisionignore group directly, however when I try to tell vellum to ignore all groups except for one that I specify, it doesn't work. I've made a basic scene to demonstrate the problem. Here is the code that I use: s@collisionignore = "top"; - This one works s@collisionignore = "* ^bot"; - this one doesn't work TLDR “* ^foo” rule stated in vellum docs doesn't work fo me, what am I doing wrong? Houdini dosc for what I'm talking about here(collisiongroup and collisionignore): Docs intersections.hiplc
  3. Hi I'm trying to add up deformation from 2 animated objects (or rather, same object with 2 animations, so the topology is the same). I've been reading up on this but wasn't able to find anything. I was wondering wether anyone had an idea how would you go about this? My only guess is matricies, but I haven't used them in quite a while and would probably start learning over, so to avoid unnecessary time sink I wanted to ask wether someone did this with matricies succesfully? Hopefully its pretty clear what I'm trying to achieve, but if not I found this post which describes the same problem and has example file with the issue in question.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm working on a little project of mine and I'm using wire solver with SBD spring constraint. I have attribute set up on the points(before the sim), but when I try to feed the strength parameter the expression with that attribute, it acts as if the attribute was zero. The vexpression I use goes like: @theattributementioned * 1000 I've created basic example file of what i mean. The attr “mult” is what I want the strength to be ( for example “@mult * 1000”.) Any input on this would be great Thanks, Hubert wires.hiplc
  5. nailedit

    Ocean warp

    Wow... Idk how I missed that, thanks a lot for your help!
  6. nailedit

    Ocean warp

    Hi guys, I was wondering whether anyone has idea how to simulate ocean on a non grid-like geo, for example: this It was shown in houdini 16 "what's new video" but I have no idea how to even start with this. Any dircetions would be awesome!
  7. Turns out it wasn't the cube or chains that I needed to do that with but the point that it was copied on and to be more precise, the polyframe sop needed to be applied inside of the geo with that point instead of after merging it in the obj containing chains, thanks a lot for pointing me to the right direction!
  8. Hi guys, I've already posted this on FB group with no answear so you're my last hope. I have a problem with normals demonstrated in the video, basically object animated on a curve and aligned to the curves tangents hits a geo and gets stuck in it but it doesn't rotate along with it. So basically the question is how can i match the movement of normals of the object beign hit and hitting so that it rotates properly? Here is simplified .hip: link
  9. Hi guys I'm trying out some stuff for my upcoming project and was wondering how to make uvs for smoke converted to poligons, so that they would remain stable rather than jumping around every frame. I found some info on using dual rest position, however I'm not sure how to tackle it, or if it could work with this approach. Here is what I have right now ( I'm not sure if you can see that, but there are scratches on the surface of the smoke which as expected change where they are every frame, the question is how to make them remain in place even tho the number of points is changing and whole thing is deforming) Here is the type of effect I'd like to achieve: Any tips are very much appreciated!
  10. I was trying to avoid that approach mostly couse at the end of the simulation I was planning for the fire to burn all the way through one of the sides of the cloth. If I delete after the sim the separeted cloth would look like it still sticks together which would be kind of ridiculous, so I guess I must stop the fire before spreading that far. Anyways thank you for explaining that it is not possible to achieve, I would probably waste much more time on trying to figure out something that can't be done.
  11. Hello Shortly: How to update cloth every frame based on changing topology? I'm trying to make cloth burn effect using spreading attribute to delete polygons, however I can't get the cloth to update simulation every frame based on deleted polygons. I've been trying to use multi solver for that. Everything is fine untill the very moment when the polygons are being deleted, the simulation of the cloth stops, and the only thing that is happening is the deleteing of polygons. I've found a thread from a few years back of someone who has been doing the same effect, with the same problem, but the answear that seemed to work for him doesn't do it in my case, here is the link to that old topic: link. I also attatch the .hip file of my set up, I added some notes so it would be clearer. I've spent a lot of time playing with diffrent options of the multi solver and sop sop solver but I'm stuck. Any help would be greatly appriciated. 02_cloth_tear_prob.hiplc
  12. OH wow I had no idea that there are example files, I usually just look things ups in the docs, tought that they have the same stuff as help does. Thanks a lot for the help, this clears things up.
  13. Hi guys, So as you can see from the question I am a Houdini newbie, and I just can't figure out how those nodes work... What I mean by that is that I don't get what I should plug into the inputs of the nodes and in what order. I think I got the cloth capture right (untitled.mp4), but the problem is going on from here. Just to clarify I want to use a low res cloth sim to transfer it on high res one. Sorry for the very basic question but I couldn't find answear anywhere. Cloth_capture.hiplc
  14. Changing the Disturbance setting did help, altho the turbulance still isn't there and if I try to tweak those same settings for turbulance(even with lower values), the smoke just goes crazy, I'll try a some more tommorow but right now it's 2am so I guess some sleep would be a nice idea. Once again thanks for all the help.
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