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  1. That's great, thanks, I'll take a look!
  2. It is possible to 'draw' sculptural details onto heightfields with zBrush-style alphas? It occurs to me this would be a great way to block out shapes & such, and yet I can't really think of any way to go about doing it, nor find any examples of anyone doing similar...
  3. Does anyone know how to get Point World/Pref in a shader (not an AOV) in HtoA? I'm trying to make a worldspace height mask. Embarrassingly I can get it fine using MayaSamplerInfo3D but it feels dirty (and presumably horribly unoptimised) to do it. Thanks!
  4. Curved-based Track setup.

    I'm trying to create a track setup somewhat like the one below based mostly in principals leaned from Kim Goossens' Houdini Procedural Road Creation tutorials https://youtu.be/4jLSRwlQV9M?t=3833 Essentially sweeping along the master curve for the body of the track, and copying to point along the curves for the uprights. I'm moderately new to Houdini and modelling procedurally, but I'm not doing too badly. However there are two parts of the setup in the video that I can't even conceptualise how I might go about them... 1) The system won't put an upright on an 'illegal' surface (roads, buildings) only legal ones. I can't think how to go about this sort of functionality. 2) The main body of the track is not a simple sweep, as it arches between uprights. Again, I'm just not experienced enough thinking about modelling procedurally to think about how this might be achieved. Any help gratefully received!