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  1. I have recently released tutorial showing techniques I've used in my latest animation: Microbes Fighting (you can see if here: youtube) You can get it here: https://gumroad.com/l/microbes
  2. 8 years later, it still seams to be the best way:)
  3. Foreach question : multiple input

    @Noobini thanks for answering. What I actually meant, is that the topic question remains unanswered - "Foreach question : multiple input". I feel like all the the methods are hacks in some ways. Let's say I've a Geo streams - one lowpoly and one highpoly. Both streams have corresponding 'class' attribute. I want to use for-loop for each piece (by attrib 'class') from the first and the second input simultaneously. The only solution to that seams to be using Delete SOP on the second stream with detail("../metadata", value) at an expression. I feel there should be easier solution.
  4. Foreach question : multiple input

    This is the great question and I hate to see it unanswered.