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  1. Hi I was playing with this wool effect .otl and it works for the main thicker geometry but I cannot get the fine fluff / strands with Redshift. I have enabled OBJprams on the strands and enabled render as strands in the redshift settings but the finer fluff that he is getting with Mantra does not show with Redshift. Anybody want to save me hundreds more minutes trying to figure it out? Thanks! Video: https://vimeo.com/243011851 Otl file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6eg0uyhzqm1fdr6/Create_Wool.otl?dl=0 Ps: If there are better methods for wool/felt effect I’d love to know!
  2. Thanks Sean, only just seen your response. I'm actually looking into a Redshift PBR for texturing now, not a lot of info on that around for Houdini either unfortunately but I'll piece it together eventually!
  3. Hello I know this is a tediously simple question for most, but I’m just trying to import a simple OBJ with UV’s, and I want to then apply preexisting maps I have for it, such as diffuse, roughness, bump, specular, metallic. To then render in Mantra. I know there are many tutorials out there, many very complex, so my question is really does anyone have a particularly concise example they can point me to? Or a barebones .hip file showing the necessary nodal layout? Thank you!