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  1. FX artist in need of job

    Hello, I just arrived in LA and searching for a job as Effects artists. My areas of speciality are particles and lighting. Naturally I can do compositing. Software I know is Houdini, Maya, Adobe suite and Nuke. Check out my website and let me know what you think. Also where do the visual affects artist hangout in LA. effectspanda.com Kevin Blackmon The Effects Panda
  2. Particle Collision Problem

    You could try to increase the step size, I cant remember the node's name. By increasing the step size you would be adding in between steps. Also on the collision node you could adjust the tolerance i believe I usaully set this to .0001. If that doesnt work then you could use a limit plane and just kill the pesky variants. Or you could setup a group that tracks the xyz and when that value is met or exceeded then just kill that group. The effects panda
  3. Help With Normal Flipping / Particles

    I have included the file here. I have been trying to figure out how to fix the normals from flipping. I have used the point sop, and the vector pop nodes and several other methods. But I seem unable to fix the problem. Any help would be appericated. when you play the animation you will notice that the geo stands up on edge then falls back into place Thanks in advancesnowbreak4.hip