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  1. Houd could I turn node info off ??

    Ohhhhh So fast solve Thank you very much !! even I saw the tab but I never thought It is right Thank you !
  2. Hi I wanna turn those info off but I cannot find where the option is :S If you know, Help me please ! Thank you !
  3. Random geometry instance to particle

    Hi guys, I made curve flow particles and want to instance it to some petals. I made 5 patterns of petals but have no idea how could I randomly instance those patterns I'll render these particles using Redshift. If you have any idea for instancing 5 geometries randomly, Please help me ! Thank you for read !
  4. OFFF London title's particle

    I've just saw OFFF London titles 2017 at vimeo and It gave me a inspiration. but I'm beginner at Houdini and even don't know how should I call this effect. Is it called like particle advection ? or .. I don't have any idea haha :S And I wanna know basic logic how to make this scene. It is like a grain, fluid, particle or .. I don't know wow .. Please help me to learn new things !
  5. I want to delete some of my topics. but there is no button for it. How could I do it ??
  6. Thank you for your example, I've forgot that there are many resistance things in real world. So, How could I match thoes things in real world ? If there is 100kg ball in the scene, How much do I have to control its density ? I can't estimate that issue in Houdini ,,, Do I have to just see the simulation and control it ?
  7. Thanks for reply, but after this, I tested for it by moving box. box push the balls and I expected that heavy ball will move more slower, but It didn't.. Only when I set up those density as 1 and 100000000000 I can see difference of it .. That huge amount ..the difference just looked like plastic and plumb. It doesn't seemed 1 and 10000000000 of difference
  8. I made some simulations with RBD and had some problem with density of objects. so, first at all, I just made this simple scene and can't understand how does this sim goes. At Gif, Left ball has 1 density, and Right one has 10000000 density. but look, It looks very same with each ball :S What should I add for this ?? I made house scene so I wanted to set up density of TV has high level, and some pictures on table has low level. but It seems very same like that scene. Help me ! Sorry for my poor English and Thanks for read
  9. Redshift and Particle Render

    Here's a problem with Redshift render :S I made particles and wanted to render it. but When I make particles to mesh by using Redshift OBJ Parm(Particles tab -> Render Object as Particles), I can see motion blur on rendering but It cannot be used as geometry light. I set up the geometry light with rslight(change Light type to Are and link Mesh object). So, I copyied spheres to particle points instead using Redshift OBJ Parm, and that moment, I could use it as Geometry light. How could I use both ?? so, problem is 'I want to use particle spheres and wanna us it as geometry light too' Sorry for my poor English and Thanks for read
  10. Alembic export and Textures

    Thank you for idea ! I solved it I set up my node tree as same with before, but just one thing different. I wanted to assign object's own uv&texture. so get into each object's unpack node and transfer 'path' attributes. and then transfer 'path' attributes again at pack node which is under the unpack node. finally, each objects could have there own path attribute and so It can be connected with each's path Thank you for your idea again and have a good day !!!
  11. Alembic export and Textures

    Thank you for reply ! but If I add unpack node, use ROP alembic output node, Houdini gonna be crashed down and I don't know why ...
  12. Hi ! I have some problem with export :S I imported alembic file from C4D to Houdini and simulate some props. then, I cached that simulation and export with ROP Alembic Output node. and when I import that abc file at C4D, All textures gone T_T Where Do I have to add Rest position and UV texture nodes ?? It is too difficult to me Help me ! I set up my nodes like this. Imported alembic file -> blast props -> unpack each prop, add rest position and uv texture node -> pack -> simulation(DOPNET) -> file cache -> convert node (If I didn't add this node, Houdini get fatal errors) -> ROP Alembic Output. At the pack level, I added ROP Alembic Output and export it for test. and It works ! but when I finished simulation and cache it, use convert node and ROP Alembic Output nodes. Its Textures are gone T_T How Could I do ?
  13. How could I make this dynamic ?

    Hi ! I'm a beginner of Houdini and I have no idea how could I make this... If Box on top is moving front, back, left or right, Tube and sphere has to be moved too. but the Tube has to move like wire(or something like a rope) and so sphere attached at end of the wire. Like this image, bulb attached to rope and rope attached behind of celling. I did some ways to make it, used pin constraint and spring constraint but I don't know how could I attach those objects. If you help me, I will be my big big pleasure ! Thank you for read and sorry for my poor English. Have a good weekends !! bullet-bulb-industry-ceiling-pendant-with-black-cord_1427692337841.webp
  14. When I do some simulations like pics at bottom, Scene view become crazy like those .. I imported alembic files and set their position. but If I do simulations with dopnet, They are gone to randomly strange position like secone pic, and going to be black like first pic. When I delete scene view and make it new, It looks like when I set up. But I have to see that simulations preview and these problems make me crazy :S Help me with this plz !! Sorry for my poor English and thanks for read Have a good day
  15. How could I deal with height of flame ??

    Thank you for reply , but I wanted to scaling it down. but when I scaling it down, smoke also being down scaled.. I can' understand how does Houdini caculate those options on cumbustion or simulation tabs T_T