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  1. It's not essential in the same wrangle node. But if you declare an attribute in wrangle node and assign it to some other attribute in another wrangle node, it becomes essential. Like you declare a vector attribute like this : v@x = set(1,2,4); And if in another wrangle node you assign it to another new vector attribute : v@y = @x; In geometry spreadsheet, you will get only first element of attribute x in all elements of y : y[0] = 1 y[1] = 1 y[2] = 1 This happens as it considers @x to float. To resolve this... You shall have to declare data type again : v@y = v@x;
  2. Flip level goes down

    Hi, thanks for replying. I finally found a solution. If I level up particle size slightly from value of 1.0, like 1.2, it maintains the level. Value of 1.0 requires very less particle saperation, as awie12 told to decrease particle saperation. What I did, actually opposite of what he told, because lowering particle saperation increases time(wasn't possible on my small workstation) , but gives fine results. As Midasssilver told, it is also a solution, but I needed my water surface very flat and smooth for initial frames, so I kept particle configuration to Grid, instead of tetrahedral. Seeding particles was giving solution, but creating slight noise on surface. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. It really helped me.
  3. Flip level goes down

    Hi, I have been working on a flip simulation.Its basically a tank. At very initial frames, water level is what I need, and water is almost static as I want. But as any object interact to flip, flip starts getting natural waves and all, but It is also Loosing its initial level and going down slowly, which should not happen. Water level shouldn't go down. Please, anyone help me to find the problem. All solutions are welcome.
  4. POP force masking

    Hi everyone, I created few cubes and made each as a packed geometry. Now in Dop network, I am using rigid body solver for simulation, but as a force, I am using POP Force to drive them. But I need to select some cubes (packed objects) using bounding box and make them affected with POP FORCE. I used to do it with pop group, when using particles, but with rbd packed objects, it's not working. Please suggest a solution.
  5. Particle velocity diversion

    Hi, I have created a particle system using popnet.My emitter type is location. There is a sphere in the way of moving particles. I need to add a new velocity from the normals of sphere, to the existing velocity of particles. I tried using attribute transfer. It adds velocity, but only in data, visually particles don't seem to be changing velocity. They just go in a direction, as started from location emitter. Any solution would be helpful.
  6. Particles opacity control

    Can you please tell in a brief, I tried but did not work. Am I missing something?
  7. Particles opacity control

    Hello, I have finished a particle simulation using popnet inside SOP in houdini 15. I have added color and opacity information using POP color node. While rendering using mantra renderer, the color is rendered fine, but as alpha, it doesn't render what I created using POPcolor. It's all visible/opaque 100%. I want to control opacity. I have not assigned any shader yet. Please share a solution. Thanks