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  1. Houdini 12 Wishlist

    Hi , Good and correct viewport display of shaders and UVs . Since version 6 or so houdini gives some wrong and/or inverted images on viewport display of textures , alpha .... It's time consumming to do it on houdini so many designers are using other package for this particular task .
  2. Tutorials Poll

    Hi , Render passes and depth or z-map . Is it possible to post an otl where passes could be exported easily as in 3delight , renderman and mental ray in maya 2009 ? In houdini 10 is a shame to make acrobatic vop/vex manipulations to add export nodes then figure it out how to plug them to the network . The add extra image planes is so limited . Well if tutorials can solve this problem for most situation then "welcome" . Regards
  3. Texture on a generated material?

    HI , I have the same problem and i just sent a post on sidefx forum . NO answer yet . Regards .
  4. Soft<->Houdini

    Hi , Is it possible to share that translator . All i want is to export geometry and animations from houdini to Maya ? Thanks