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  1. Hi, i have single smoke flare sim, and i need somehow attach it to crowd agents, to be able randomly time shift smoke with agents. Any ideas will be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Nothing really special in here, just tons of copy and delete sops. Im a beginner in houdini, so my solutions maybe not so perfect as pro users. In future I want to have different types of stadiums, edge selection wouldn’t work for me.
  3. So i have solution for this. Just of using polywire SOP and then fuse SOP. Thanks for you time!
  4. Almost there! But i need figure out how to dissolve border edges now.
  5. I have this kind of surface:) Maybe some kind of sort along path?
  6. Thank you! But doesn't work for me with sort and add sop. So how i can select edges more procedurally?
  7. i want keep only row EDGES to resample them after, sorry for my explanation)) so how to dissolve?:)
  8. Hello guys, how i can keep only rows after bool SOP. See image attach. Cheers!
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